NLP Eye Movement Integration with a Vietnam Veteran (PTSD)

Get the full DVD: Eye Movement Integration, NLP’s kinder and gentler version of EMDR is used to resolve a Vietnam Veteran’s PTSD flashbacks. This video shows the beginning and end of the 55 minute session — where he describes the tracer bullets in the night as “pretty.” Sign up for Steve’s free NLP blog here: See also: http

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  1. @realpeoplepress
    Well there really is a sort of a training-program. I’m an NLP prac. and in my training we learned the Dimensions of submodalities.
    A beautifull way to change the emotions of a memory.

  2. @xilix
    EMDR utilizes the same neurological processes, but EMI is more respectful of the client, and has more flexibility in dealing with the problem. The answer to your question is “Yes, it really does work,” and I have seen many “weep with relief and happiness” at the resolution.
    I would like to point out that this method works with the fear, shock, etc. of the traumatic events. However there is often another aspect, that is somewhat different, and requires different methods.

  3. I have PTSD, and I’ve been recommended to get EMDR by my counselor, but now that I know about this, which should I try? Is this better than EMDR? Do these methods really work THIS well? I can’t imagine ever being able to relive these horrible experiences and be comfortable, it’s not possible in my mind in any way. If this will work, it’s the answer to my prayers, to be able to live my life without fear, to finally be able to be in control. Honestly I think I’d weep with relief and happiness.

  4. @kccatalyst I don’t know if it is a part of any NLP training program; I am more-or-less retiring from training so I can have more time for developing new stuff. The EMI DVD, available from Real People Press, demonstrates how to do it, and it includes a useful booklet on the method.

  5. @eljefe90 that is a beliefe I would like to drop off…

  6. @iig0tem As you can see near the end of this video, where he says, “It’s beautiful,” he remembers the tracer bullets in the night, but now he finds pleasure in their beauty—a very different response than the tension and fear that he had experienced in response to the memory for the previous 13 years. It is a matter of changing the memory, not erasing it. Steve Andreas

  7. So what happened in conclusion? The man no longer remembers any traumatic experiences from when he was in the army?

  8. Steve-Realpeoplepress: Which came first EMDR or NLP Eye Intergration? I have experience with the NLP Trauma pattern and the understanding of eye accessing cue’s, so this makes perfect sense. Is this a part of anyone’s NLP training program yet?

  9. @realpeoplepress absolutely not to mention EFT, TAT, TFT, hypnosis… It should be made available to these guys and should come stright out of the governments defence budget. Thanks for the great post RPP 🙂

  10. @metalmike83 With all due respect, this is based on sound neurological science. I would suggest just because something seems strange or foreign to you does not necessarily mean that its bullshit. When someone is stuck in an experience one side of their brain is active. By activating the other side of their brain a resolution can occur. I would also suggest you may be missing out by having contempt prior to a full investigation. This has helped many including myself. Cheers.

  11. @metalmike83 It may seem crazy, but it’s not bullshit; it works. As do a number of other NLP methods developed since then.

  12. Isn’t anyone going to raise the “crazy bullshit” alarm?

  13. @eljefe90 This is simply not true. We, and those we have trained have worked with lots of Vets to overcome their PTSD. This video was made in 1993; since then several other NLP methods for working with this have been developed, and some of them are even faster.

  14. Every single Vietnam Soldier (Veteran) has come back to this life and will and will never be able to live normaly due to the post traumatic stress 🙁
    its sad to see

  15. @D8402 No, there are quite a variety of movements in different locations in the visual field. And yes, I did eye movements the whole time–not a big thrill to watch, but very effective.

  16. @ReadBelowHere I did show part of the eye movements. Except for the location and direction of movements, the others are much the same–and I had to edit it down to fit YouTube.

  17. This stuff is like Magic! This is really the tool to be an affective communicator. This kind of reminds me of the NLP techniques Im going over with Doc Barham, also known as Coach Hollywood.

  18. Hey this reminds me of the NLP techniques I am going over with Coach Hollywood. Also known as Doc Barham, this stuff is like MAGIC!

  19. i think you cut out the most important part – the eye movement piece… if you presented at least 5 minutes of it, then that would be helpful

  20. Great vid.

  21. Ok that was fyn

  22. So they did that eye movement for 34 min straight?

  23. You are wrong ! this does work I have started this and this has been the only thing to work nothing else has I bleive in this fully

  24. I agree; it is very boring; so is dentistry.
    But when you are a vet who has been suffering for years, its well worth it to be bored for an hour so that you can live a good life free of flashbacks. Steve Andreas

  25. I’m bored, Next

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