NLP Eye Tracking using EMDR

How to do Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) using a pen. Adam Sprackling explains how EMDR can help with traumatic memories and enable your client to reconnect their neural pathways. Visit for more info on NLP training and NLP MP3 products.
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28. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. As an NLP Trainer, nothing in your statement relates to Rapport or any flexibility in your model of the world with regards to your NLP training!
    Shapiro proposed that although a number of different processes underlie EMDR, the eye movements add to the therapy’s effectiveness by evoking neurological and physiological changes that may aid in the processing of the trauma memories being treated. We are not proposing we are doing a whole EMDR treatment here, yet exposure may increase curiosity

  2. As and NLP Master Practitioner and an experienced EMDR Clinician I have seen nothing in this video clip which is EMDR! Whilst what is shown may be a way of finding glitches it is NOT EMDR. EMDR should only be practiced by a fully trained person who is also aware of how to deal with the things it may uncover. It is a wonderful process which has amazing results when carried out professionally.

  3. I bet this don’t work for most people since i have yet to find any real proof i have not tried it but i am going to very soon and will prolly feel more stupid than i did before i went in but i have a an open mind but i must say this only makes half sense to me.Hope it works but i’m not holding my breath…

  4. yea, get a life 🙂

  5. @vicvicbitter “Phantom Limb Syndrome” as it’s called is a cluster of symptoms one may experience after the loss of a limb resultant from battle, disease or amputation. It is a curious idea in that it states a limb such as a leg need not be present for the sensation of it’s presence to exist. However, one must first have the limb and it’s coresponding neuronal networks established. This is to say that while the limb is gone, the neurons devoted to the non-existant limb are still operational.

  6. @MuddyTonic Why would I be sarcastic about this?

  7. @MrRyguy69 I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic

  8. @MuddyTonic My thoughts exactly.

  9. Nuclei or bodies of these nerves are found in the brain stem. The nuclei of the abducens and oculomotor nerves are connected, therefore the brain is connected to the eye movements. You could ask the chicken and egg question, (are glitches down to the muscles or is the mind making the glitches 1st) yet I work in a holistic way so the whole unit is connected.

  10. Do the glitches and skips have anything to do with the ocular muscles being less agile in these places??

  11. Important Question that no one can seem to answer, I had a severe car accident 4 years ago and now suffer from severe PTSD. I dont remember anything from the car accident that caused the trauma so how can I be cured from my PTSD if I cant talk about the experience to an EMDR therapist?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated

  12. Excellent

  13. Yes, full respect to the below comment. As time moves on, more ‘issues’ will be of a mental nature in line with our progression as a race. Therefore wheby physical solutions would have been ok for older generations, the modern society is more invloved with mental activities, therefore mental challenges will be more apparent. There may even be vitual councellors for vitual relationships soon!

  14. Walking and chatting with a friend — making sure to notice everything around you — even in an urban setting is equally wise.

  15. EMDR (the root of it) has been part of many “warrior traditions” around the world — martial arts and military training a-like.

    The best way to get this training on your own is to go hiking 2 or 3 days per week in a forrest or semi-densely wooded area.

    You do not necessarily need a forrest or wooded region it’s just “faster” at getting the EMDR.

    Star gazing at night is another way

    Hopefully given the above video it becomes understandable

    In the 70’s we were told to “walk it off”

  16. @metalmike83 I would bet you’d believe, if it would keep me from cutting off from your neck that stupid thing you call a head that’s on your shoulders, and from deficating down your esofagus. ’cause it’s the only form of closure I can understandably rely on comprehending. Nit wit!

  17. Love these guys who say ‘nonsense’ etc. Where’s the contribution there? He won’t have done any research or even begun to observe others carefully b4 making an unintelligent ‘dump’ on the rest of us trying to give something. YouTube is a place to give your flavour of life. Being aware of eye patterns is a skill worth learning. It will increase your ability to tune in with another and have an idea of what’s going on with them when you are engaged wih them. That’s if you realy want to engage!

  18. Hey check this document interesting
    The Linden Method

  19. I don’t care if this is shit, EMDR worked for me. Phantom pains are also crap to non-amputees, and any one who has lived a great old life would not undertand EMDR. I wish I didn’t have my accident, and didn’thave to benefit from EMDR, but I did, and I did. Able bodied dickheads should fuck right off, its none of your fucking business.

  20. Same woman, same room, same outfit, same flowers behind her, same day, same class, different instuctor and the other instructor who had her help him chose her because she had easily veiwable eye movements which made for a good demonstration for the class learning. I completely agree, I don’t think these techniques would work for anyone who didn’t want them to. Thank you for serving by the way, it means more than most people are willing to express.

  21. Agreeed 🙂 well put.

  22. This same woman was used in a different eye pattern video that was done by a different guy, this whole thing sounds like a scam to me. Giving people false hope of getting better by moving a pen around is just ridiculous anyway. I was one of those soldiers that came back all fucked up, and it took a long time of soul searching to get better, not any of the crazy stupid techniques these fucking quacks do. I recommend going to church or getting involved in something positive, and don’t drink 🙂

  23. No matter what happens during EMDR, it IS inarguably all in their minds…

    Scientifically it is simply not true, that a mental ‘blockage’ (whatever that is) shows itself as the inability in the eyemuscles to move the eye in a fluent motion. I don’t care about who came up with it, or if it has an effect or not (as you say, it seems to have an effect), but I DO care about having valid explanations and not something that sounds as if it where made up for the occasion and not scientifically sound.

  24. check out EMDR. NLP didn’t come up with it and i know people who have been treated professionally with EMDR for traumatic events I.E. soldiers after service having seen friends blown up etc. Tell them it’s all in their mind!

  25. But I guess that if someone believe it to be true (although neurologically/scientifically it is not), it will be true and somewhat helpful for them…

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