NLP Fast Phobia Cure The NLP fast phobia cure is now a proven and highly effective way of treating extreme fear and phobias. I have seen many hundreds of people through the years who had suffered from a wide range of fears. Common ones include the phobia of public speaking, phobia of spiders, heights, and flying the list is seemingly endless. The NLP fast phobia cure is based upon modelling that is working out how people who had got over phobias by themselves (a surprisingly large number), had done it. What process or processes had taken place to change a terrifying fear into something that no longer bothered them? The techniques are based upon reconditioning and re-association, and are fast. Yes it can take as little as five minutes to get rid of a screaming phobia, but usually it takes longer, though an hour or two will resolve most of these problems, usually to the total amazement of the client. The JustBeWell clinics are worldwide, so get in touch and see how we can help you cure your phobia, whatever it is about, once and for all.
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  1. I’m also horrified of cockroaches. They prowl around everywhere in my apartment and I scream and cry and hyperventilate when I see them. I can’t afford an exterminator and I just can’t even describe my fear of them. It’s disgusting.

  2. I have a horrible fear of cockroaches. Whenever I feel something on my legs, arms or anywhere on my body, I jump up and try to swat whatever was causing the itching. I hate it.

  3. @ReLeAsEm3 , try EFT, emotional freedom technique

  4. Deathly afraid of moths.

  5. I have an awful fear of hospitals. Ever since i was taught about the victorian/crimean war hospitals at school, i could never walk past a hospital again without panicking. The main problem is those things you have to put on. If i see anyone wearing one of those or even think about them, i scream and cry and run away. It got to the point where i was visiting my dad in hospital and i saw someone who looked dead wearing one and i actually passed out with fear. How can i overcome this fear?

  6. i have a pretty bad phobia of mayflies. i freeze up, get goosebumps, sometimes even cry or scream when i see one. i really hope this cures me i’ve been looking for a cure forever because we get mayflies every summer and i end up staying in my house the whole summer. thx!

  7. @JustBeWell Thanks alot, ill try my best.

  8. You probably need to have someone work with you specifically, the video is not designed to cure your phobia, more to let you know that these things can usually be sorted very quickly. Do a local search for an experienced NLP practitioner, one who has had loads of success with phobias. Best wishes to you.

  9. i still hate frog n toads after this vid…didnt chagne my phobia still~

  10. hello this is excellent i really like this therapy.

  11. Nicely done

  12. Paul McKenna’s reprogramming exercises are mainly straightforward proven NLP techniques. The NLP Fast Phobia Cure, invented by Richard Bandler, is based upon what people do when they get over phobias by themselves. It is not uncommon for people to cure their own phobia though its often quicker and if someone helps you through the processes. Well done for being determined to sort the phobias out for yourself, though!

  13. i had a multi phobic personality and bought a book by Paul McKenna and did the mind reprogramming visualizations and the TFT tapping techniqes and got rid of my phobias. some people might need to see a professional to be cured but i think since i had no doubt that i understood and trusted the technique then i could just do it myself. worked for me.

  14. hi there! I have insectophobia and I am 11 years old. Whenever I see an insect I twitch. I just developed it a few weeks ago and it is not fun. And it is summer which is wose. Can you tell me how to get rid of my insectophobia? I need help.

  15. Thanks for your question. Usually the NLP fast phobia cure will sort out any phobia, including agoraphobia, I have cured many agoraphobics of their phobia through the years. Sometimes it is a question of logistics in that if someone suffers from agoraphobia to a great extent it will be difficult for them to actually get out of their home to see someone for treatment. Best advice is to find an expeienced NLP practitioner near where you live, if possible, who could do a home visit.. Best Wishes.

  16. i have aragophoiba, would this help me ??

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