Nlp For Business Leaders – What Is It And What Can It Do For Me And My Company?

Nlp For Business Leaders – What Is It And What Can It Do For Me And My Company?

There are many performance coaching businesses which operate with the aim of improving corporate performance. NLP is the powerful tool behind these businesses. This article aims to unravel the mystique behind this potent tool with the aim of allowing you or your organization to experience the true performance boosting benefits of Neuro-linguistic programming. This is the tool which has been used to transform thousands of lives, overcome elements of learning difficulties, improve corporate performance and power athletes and sports teams to glory.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a powerful psychotherapy tool which works on “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (emphasis on the power of thought) underlying them. In essence then, NLP is a tool which can be used to make people aware of their thought processes and how they think, which in turn can be used to make people think in a new and more productive way. This brings about a new level of self awareness which is very powerful for the enlightened client. As the client will now know why they think in a certain way, then they can act in order to think in a completely different and more powerful- way. If an individual can learn their personal short comings by communicating with their coach, then a program can be used to reduce or even eradicate these issues. If you lack self esteem, are low on confidence, find it difficult to be assertive and give presentations, then pay close attention, as this is a tool which could literally transform your life.

NLP was co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who made the bold claim that their tool would have a huge impact on every walk of life. They believed that NLP would be instrumental in “finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives”. NLP coaches will use these tools to help draw greater performance out of their clients which makes NLP for businesses a very potent tool indeed.

NLP was promoted by Bandler and Grinder as a fast and efficient psychological tool, which would redefine how people choose to deal with their problems and how they seek a solution. This was during the 1970s and a new age of self awareness and self improvement was born. NLP was groundbreaking largely because of its scope. This was the first tool which could target the full spectrum of psychological problems which can be found and identified by psychologists, such as: -Phobias -Depression -Habits -Psychosomatic illness -Learning disorders

As if this wasnt powerful enough in its own right, NLP could also overcome so called ‘learned limitations’. Such learned limitations could include confidence issues and poor performance in the work place. These facets are of particular importance to the work that Inner Vision does with its clients. Many people visit Inner Vision suffering from learned limitations, and these can have a dramatic effect on their careers. NLP as a tool is so powerful that we can turn learned limitations in to personal strengths by completely re-wiring the thought processes behind the limitations. It is because of this innate power that NLP has been described as “the science of excellence”. Under this guise, NLP can be used to investigate what it is that makes individual people excellent in their fields. NLP therefore uncovers what makes some people extremely self confident, what makes other people tremendous learners and what makes some people extremely brave. Such modeling techniques have allowed us to create a virtual blue print of excellence, which can be used on our clients in order to make them demonstrate the perfect characteristics for their field. Inner Vision can remodel you into a born winner by utilizing these potent techniques. These techniques can be used to transform both your professional and your personal life.

NLP remains a young science and as such it is yet to be fully embraced by the entire scientific community. Such recognition will come with time, when a greater number of empirical studies have been carried out and models have been fully validated. For these reasons, its role is refined to performance coaching, management and leadership building and counseling at this present time.

NLP for business

NLP has the ability to help a coach delve into the psyche of an individual. This allows for a full picture or model of the individual to be built. As such, traits can be worked on and changed, which will enable the individual and the company to work better.

In essence, every member of a team has their good and their bad points. NLP, when used by a qualified and certified coach, can be used to help an individual work on their negative points. There are a number of common difficulties that people have in the workplace, from a lack of confidence to a fear of public speaking. Coaching with Inner Vision will enable that individual to work to remove these boundaries to peak performance. NLP therefore enables all members of a team to work at a higher rate of peak performance, which has tremendous value for business.

NLP certification and Inner Vision Peter Harty is one of the worlds highest qualified NLP coaches. He is qualified to master coach of the international coaching federation, an MCC. He is a chartered fellow of the CIPD, a grad MSCP and a member of the British Psychological Society. Peter has also worked in coaching for over ten years, clocking up over 10,000 hours of direct, one to one coaching. If you feel that you, or your company would benefit from a coaching program with Inner Vision, or if you would simply like more information, then please feel free to visit “>

Michael Harty is the director of sales and marketing at Inner Vision performance coaching LTD. Inner Vision is a performance coaching business with ten years experience, and has notched up over 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching during this period.Inner Vision has coached major multi-national organisations, blue chip companies, public sector entities and professional athletes.

Inner Vision works with senior executives, and can work with individuals or the entire senior management teams of organisations. Coaching can be conducted in a one-on-one manner, over the telephone or by email (cyber coaching). For more information see

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