NLP, an abbreviated term for Neuro-linguistic Program, is a term coined by Richard Bandler and John Grindler. It is a modern methodology in psychology that is designed to epitomize the excellent abilities of others and imitate it. NLP modeling is a context of consulting an expert in specific area, determining their skills and directing to your agenda the same way as they did. One example is how a renowned businessman handles potential decline in sales. NLP Modeling is about having the proper mindset despite the downfalls and constructing a sense of security and peace over trouble. A person’s mission and vision must be retained in order to reach that person’s goal. There are certain values and beliefs that NLP is imposing. One is always having the righteous attitude towards things. We must comply to the code of humanity regardless on the graveness of our likeness to be successful and changing who we are. Second is the virtue of positivity. A person must fight pessimism and keep going not matter how rough is the surface. A smart person always makes the best of what he/she has today. That is what I learned from NLP for Dummies.

Going through NLP for Dummies, Improved Learning is through experience. If you take each phase in your life as an opportunity to learn, you will definitely learn more. In the course of reading NLP for Dummies, you can find your instrument in laddering to success like a steady strategy to focus on your strengths in overcoming difficulties. Discipline is also the source of all success. If you don’t have discipline, no matter how high you are today, doesn’t guarantee you the same spot tomorrow. I have concluded an ironic thought towards the subject matter of human success. If you always put your feet on the ground, it might elevate you to sky that you are looking at today. But it’s just a thought. Right attitude plus persistence and positivity create a clear vision of what you can be.

I commend the writer of NLP for Dummies for doing such a great job of integrating diversified thoughts in NLP in a small package. For a beginner in NLP, each topic has infused a deeper meaning of NLP into my life. It’s more than just a lesson that you can learn, it is a lifestyle that you need to impose. Having NLP as a lifestyle will attract positive energies into your life. You can communicate well, dream bigger and live better. There are also many books like NLP for Dummies that you can use to increase your knowledge in NLP. But if you want a deeper way to direct into your subconscious, you might consider Life Coaching or Hypnotheraphy. Both ways are effective, it only depends on the person what to choose. Innumerable techniques are being offered now by the professionals in this field, all you need is to check what is working on you. In my own opinion, the willingness of the person to achieve is the core of the success of the program.


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