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This is one of the most powerful methods of developing rapport and effectively communication with anyone. Download free Ebooks at as well as 39 sales closing scripts at

16. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. not only do school teachers need to employ this tactic, but instructors in universities and vo-techs also. You can’t learn from someone not giving you fluid strait answers and all the while looking at thier inqusiitive students with beedie eyes and with uncomfortabe body languages(figeting) not to mention derailing of speech patterns. Teachers are not considering students are ignorant. That does not promote proper learning. What it does is promote the same patterns in students.

  2. Building a rapport is a key part of communication and influence; combine it with some of the more covert stuff, and you have a lethal way to get whatever you want. One click on my username and you’ll see.

  3. 1. copy and paste this

    2. send this to 9 other vidioes

    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds

    4. press refresh twice


  4. What’s the url again? 😛

  5. This is really good info, I also heard a lot of this already but through a training program done by Michael Bernoff. Both are very Beneficial

  6. Hi, I’m a great believer in Rapport, use it heaps during selling. Go, spread the word, like I am on my website.

  7. Totally interested in this subject.

    Have you blue-screened yourself in front of Sydney instead of J-Burg to create rapport?

    I’m a Sydneysider, and would love to learn your techniques, because I think you know a lot about people and can recognise patterns in them, which I would like to learn from you.

  8. likable guy, huh?

  9. lol

  10. very impressive 🙂

  11. Hi Frank. Sheila here, hope you remember me.
    I am researching videos with regards to negotiating and NLP.
    Gee, this is wonderful.
    Take care,

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