NLP, Fractals, and Happy Memories.

EXERCISE 1: MOVIE MUSIC In this exercise you will learn how to change an unpleasant memory. This technique works best with everyday problems of low to medium intensity. 1. Watch Movie of Problem Situation. Begin by thinking of an everyday difficulty. For example, recall a time that you were disappointed or embarrassed, a time when didn’t feel very good about things. Pick a specific and real event from you past. As you think of this specifice event, notice what images and sounds come to mind and watch a movie of this event unfold before you. When you’re done, notice how you’re feeling. 2. Select Theme Music. Now select some “theme” music that mis-mistches the feelings you got from the movie you just watched. Your memory is probably serious and heavy. So select something light and bouncy, like circus or cartoon music. Some people prefer upbeat dance music, while others like overly-dramatic or operatic music, like the William Tell Overture–better known as the theme music for the old Lone Ranger radio and television series. 3. Repeat Movie with Music. When you have selected music, have it playing nice and loud in your mind as you begin to watch your movie again. Have the music continue all the way through to the end. 4. Check Results. Now, rewind that movie back to the beginning. Play it without the music and notice your response to it this time. Have your feelings changed? For many, the incident has become ludicrous or humorous. For others, their unpleasant feelings have

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  1. Well think of it this way, what if there are things you have oxidized your brain, in ways unnoticed by you. What if the damage they do disrupts certain neurotransmitters in such a way to decrease your memory capacity by 10%, your feelings of joy by 10%, and your ability to focus by 20%. You might not notice a difference, as it happened gradually.

    Now suppose I gave you those percentages back to you at once, I bet you’d notice the difference right away.

  2. nice video, great music, awesome enregy. Difficult to read, THANK YOU!!!

  3. isnt all this pill and diet stuff overblown though? im sure there is some truth to it but come on

  4. I can not read it there is no enough contrast.

  5. cool thanks! I love that there are so many ways to change my feelings.

  6. when it says watch a movie of this event unfold do they mean like find a movie of something similar to that event or imagine that event playing through your head like a movie? I’m confused.

  7. Ah, submodalities… 🙂

    If you don’t reach your outcome with just the music, maybe a swish or dissociative technique ala phobia model and future pacing what you do want?

    Cool fractals 🙂

  8. fuck that’s trippy to watch on a large dose of psychedelics!

  9. Absolutely, now what part of the brain was it that omega 3 stimulates? Don’t you think there might be a way to tell your body to produce higher levels of Omega 3 instead of being reliant on some external source, I mean, NLP is software for the mind, don’t you think there is some sort of application you can upgrade to produce higher levels? Just a thought..

  10. i recomend to listen to NLP while intaking about 2 grams of OMEGA 3 fatty acids per day, the OMEGA 3 will make your neuro conection stronger and more powerful so that when listening to NLP cds for example, the positive suggestions will be way more powerful, and will dive into the deepest parts of your unconsieuos mind so that the changes that you will expiriment will be more and more notacible, you will think in a more brighter and positive way. Research about OMEGA 3 its natural and good for u

  11. Reasearch about the proper OMEGA 3 you may need. They are both natural products. Also recomend you to read Wayne Dyers worldwide bestseller; Your Erroneous Zones just to get an idea about what freedom really is.

  12. sound advice, mahalo.

  13. i could read it fine, the only problem for me was trying to focus on reading when all that amazing video was going in the background, then it was frustrating cus the words were in the way, lol. Very nice though. Probably editing the reading parts to less intense imagery would do, and keep all that good video for the end so we can sit back and relax and think about what we read.

  14. You are right and the next one I do on NLP will be much more clear, Aloha!

  15. Incredible stuff! wow ! I would have liked to read the text but it was quite impossible against the pictures. Other than that, very therapeutic.

  16. Is’nt it really something? We are just beginning to find out who we are, what we’re capable of and just how we can create though understanding the processes of how our minds work. Thankyou for that addition yahwehking.

  17. Good advice and thank you.

  18. Good ideas , but hard to read against some of the backgrounds. If you use simpler and thicker sans serif, and give letters a halo or shadow of a color opposite to the color of the letter, they’ll always be visible on Any background – either the letter or the shadow/halo will show

  19. Thank you for this, Yahwehking. Helping us understand that we are not at the mercy of our perceptions or past experiences is a service to everyone in this time of big changes. We are far more powerful than we realize. Many Blessings to you!

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