NLP- free lessons

The movie explain about on of the subject the NLP model is dealing with. its free for you to learn

23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. enlightening video….. can u provide me with more of this kind of stuff….. maybe some self improvement stuff too…….. thanks in advance…….. greetings n love…. anirudh

  2. Thanks…its really importent for me to learn cause i want to upload a full course of nlp practitioner.
    So if you can comment i will be very happy, forthermore, if you have cool movies you want to advertise i will be happy to help you

  3. nice one, but you should add a sound track!

  4. hi guys! i have uploaded a pilot movie trying to teach one subject in the nlp model. i don’t come from an english speaker country, but i will try to make the best movies for you.
    please comment, so i can learn more from you..

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