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19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. 1.What about her state of health?Hormone imbalance,anemia’s etc.?
    2.What about her genetic predisposition of the brain to produce neurotransmitters(serotonin,dopamine,etc.)
    3.What about her size of amygdala and the activity in her cerebellum?
    4.What about her past experience and traumas that can evolve in mental disorders?
    5.What about her diet and life style(caffeine,sugar,sedentary)?
    6.What about teaching her to organize,plan,delegate responsibilities and have solid boundaries?

  2. this nlp stuff is very disappointing, i see no value or substantive qualities

  3. did he say becoming patient? or become IMpatient

  4. Unfortunately for me when Annie says I dont know in the tone she seems to use all the time….I feel very impatient with her….oh dear maybe I too need the treatment.

  5. Was that a Freudian slip at the beginning!

  6. i Like This video, so i thought i’d Comment

  7. That’s pretty unhelpful counselling! I’d expect nothing less from NLP, which is nothing more than pseudoscience.

  8. V.M.Bronnikov method, 1 step “Ecology of the Spirit”:
    * Development of skills of natural improvement;
    * Mastering by the new tool in the life – phantom feelings;
    * New protective properties – counteractions to negative influences of people, technics, the aggressive power information environment;
    * Ability to restore the vital forces…

    bronnikovmethod . com

  9. Obama’s speech is full of this..

  10. For those who have good knowledge of NLP, where did you learned it from?
    By just watching youtube videos? randomly or by some particular user?
    Any courses?
    Any books?
    Please let me know how can I learn NLP.I look forward to your guidance 🙂
    You message me or reply me here itself.

  11. I hope that what those m.fkrs from “Church” of Scientololy, named auditors/hearers, use would be only NLP techniques. But they do not. They brainwashing people, taking them to a lower level of criticism and perception of empirical reality.

    Get lost is what I say to this “Church”.

  12. Belive it or not Free energy is real,But Millions are spend in supressing that information,Find a motor that needs no fuel or input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Let the revolution begin!

  13. What do you want? I want patience.


    You don’t want $10,000,000 or something like that?

  14. I want to stop watching pointless videos, go outside and get some air.

  15. fucking hell that narrator woman has the most mechanical voice i’ve ever heard

  16. seems pretty patient 2 me….she needs 2 chill……stop wasting her time…take ur kids swimming……nice day out……..long walk in the country…pick’a’nick..booboo
    water mellon….mmmmmm

  17. @TheSim666 – Ha haaaa. Bernard Manning would be proud of you. Funny though.

  18. @IdaSputum LoLL!!!
    they say a woman’s work is never done… probably why they get paid less.

  19. If you were a snooker table….would you put a ham sandwich on it?? If you would ,why?

  20. Great

  21. I have being doing this exercise with many issues, anger, opinion, raising my voice, arguing, listening, and many other behaviors and it is really great stuff. I do have to go back and work on the same issues over and over, but it seems to get easier and easier to implement in real time as the feeling and tendencies start to occur.

  22. @yankorusev I want you to go behind your eyes and tell me what your snooker table looks like internally.

  23. glad you liked it

  24. @Chuichupachichi haha 😀

  25. Poor woman needs a NEW husband and some more helpful kids.
    Good God she does ALL the WORK yet still blames herself for losing it!
    Typical woman.

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