NLP – How Beliefs Shape Reality – Jamie Smart

Beliefs are perceptions. This is good news and when you fully realise this fact, beliefs you once thought to be permanent can be changed quickly. This clip was taken from The Sleight of Mouth Mastery DVD Set available at

22. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. WHOAH if that is true, that “out there” is all just in my brain but… how is that the case or, i mean, how can you know that?? I guess I am on the fence of if that is true, how can i be sure? (and not to be rude, I am just wondering what that claim is based on)

  2. exceptional information jaime thank you!

  3. This lesson brings all the more understanding to how the law of attractioncan work in the mind through creating your own (beliefs) realities with visualzation.

    And yes, I was amazed and profoundly thankful for this epiphany. Thankyou!

  4. Our sensory perception of our senses is all we can preseive through. They are realiable which is why we are here. But its understanding what we are seeing and learning to integrate and how to deduct and reason what is and what is not. This is vital for servival. Integration and deduction is key.

  5. We were taught that our eyes are like a camera lens, a lens that simply turns images upside down and it is a lie. It’s light and a multitude of other sensory info that our pineal gland(I think) then transforms into the picture of realtiy we see through our eyes and the other senses. It is simply amazing that we are never really in the moment just a fraction behind.

  6. very helpful video, thank you

  7. It’s kind of like saying to the belief ( that you now have decided is not working for you anymore)… “thank you for revealing YOUR truth to me”. The truth sets us free to create new beliefs that are more helpful. Thanks Jamie Smart… you are truly gifted in communication. Love your clips!

  8. Please comment! was wondering if any of you on here are on facebook, we seem to have a like interest and I think it would be cool if we could share videos, and thoughts. I’m under Steven Troy Tirrell

  9. if your brain is a part of what is out there being projected then how can what you’re observing be happening in your brain?

  10. Everything is metaphor 😉

  11. Thanks

  12. as always very cool.keep them coming, thanks.

  13. hey jamie, you interested in semiotics at all? anyway, great discourse–thank you.

  14. For me, i dont have to acknowledge a belief or thank it. Nor do i think that i have to thank any negative belief. Thats like me saying to the belief that it was useful on some level. No i think that just ignoring the belief and not thinking it does good for me. I dont want to ingrain it on my psyche. So when i used to get depressed a long time ago i got over it by not thinking those thoughts. If necessary i thought nothing and those thoughts would go away.And i would just go on to the next thing

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