NLP – How To Be Attractive

Jamie Smart from Salad Ltd explains how you can become truly attractive by connecting with your inner authentic self. Warning: This video contains some strong language. For more Salad trainings visit

15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. literally my favorite quote!!

  2. @lauritacorazon there’s a difference between beiing your lame ass self, and your best self. Always try to be your best self. Move your ass en do something usefull in life. contribute.

  3. Good part is that he’s right! Bad part is that everyone already knew that, which makes the vid useless. Well, at least that’s my opinion ;p

  4. This video is…AWESOME!

  5. I agree 100 percent……

  6. Why don’t we give the same metaphor for to women to adapt in those mental maps since, Its them that, want more than what they can get.

  7. nice metaphore, but you forgot to point out that women need to take their own advice because, like men, women are not authentic when meeting men. Why? Because men give the exact same advice to women about meeting men.

  8. EXcelent!!!…………thanks..from sweden

  9. why did people put you as thumbs down?

  10. he’s such a great performer. And – which is not really typical nowadays – talks about stuff that matters! cool.

  11. all wanting is the desire to be happy and free
    We only search in the wrong corners for happiness.( books, money, drugs sex )
    These things are great when you are happy, but when you search happiness there, something is wrong.
    Happiness is the Spirit of God ( or: genuine Love) which is there in the hearts of all peoplew who want to see it.
    Christ said this and got crucified for it.
    Because the teachers of the law preferred the illusion of safety in a book,, rather than real happiness.

  12. Cool, Jamie. Speaking as a woman (which I am) I have got to say he is right! Just be yourself guys. Then if we like you we really like YOU! Just think, if you are hiding and we fall for the pretend you, do you think we won’t find out at some point and be very disappointed. Start as you mean to continue and choose someone who likes YOU.

  13. Nelson Mandela.

  14. good man

  15. Not a nice metaphor, a nice simile 😉 4:45

    Interesting video…

  16. Very interesting indeed.

  17. the NLP map is great

  18. Isnt this the TRUTH!!! Thank-you!

  19. really good

  20. SOOOO much sense.

  21. I like it man, it makes a whole lotta sense

  22. WOW!!!

  23. i took the full course.. the material is better than anything ive looked at, and jamie is a guru

  24. Visualize it! Represent the present state and the desired stated and morph one to the other, very quickly, open your eyes for a second, and do it again and again until it feels done

  25. Good stuff Jamie!

    Any chance you could post a program for inducing lucid dreams? This seems to me an excellent want of doing NLP change work : ) Thanks M

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