NLP – How to Control a Girl’s Mind

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15. June 2011 by Admin
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Comments (25)

  1. did anyone else stop to count the syllables in antidisestablishmentarianism

  2. @ilikepieandcupcakes That’s impossible, if he uses that technique, she will be baffled.

  3. this guy is funny ass fuck

  4. @ilikepieandcupcakes Anyone dumb enough to actually try this SHOULD be kicked in the fucking nuts

  5. soooo do you keep all those cellphones you get?

  6. watch out, if you do it to a girl that has anger issues, u might get punched in the face or get kicked in the fucking nuts. XD

  7. @mmgoicochea ghehe

  8. @thijsXP eat it. ciao.

  9. @mmgoicochea So I am right! You just said it wrong and that’s why I thought you didn’t knew where Belgium is.
    That’s all I wanted to know, thanks.

  10. @thijsXP chill kid. i removed it because it did sound like if i said it. didnt mean it tho! i travel alot (check out my channel u will get it! )… of course i know where e. europe is…

  11. @mmgoicochea I’m pretty sure you said it that way, but now you removed your comment, afraid I’ll look it up?

  12. @thijsXP did i say it is ? i said eastern europeans look like her! im not as retarded as you are kid. so chill the fucck up! do you know how to fucking read?

  13. @mmgoicochea belgium easter europe?

    how stupid are you?

  14. @hangene92 yes

  15. @AandresHernandezZ thats in belgium??

  16. Are you trying to sound like an African American Gansta? LOL! xD

  17. this is brilliant

  18. HAHAHA i bet you when he takes things he actually takes them. LOL

  19. @AandresHernandezZ yes.

  20. is every girl in belgium soo fuckingg cute?????!!!!!

  21. you didnt pick up that girl, you ran away from her

  22. Damn Furious, you almost ran over a mum and her child! You just don’t give a fuck!

  23. this dude is so fucking funny XD

  24. XD
    i think imma fail my maths gcse tomorrow dot this is so worth it

  25. i am gonna do that

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