NLP Hypnosis Seduction- Sliding anchors of attraction Anchor people to objects and then combine those anchors into one state or feeling. These can either be accelerated or turned down by utilizing a sliding anchor. Listen to the language she uses to install the slide control.

20. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’d vary the techniques, a little bit, and make them covert. But I understand that once the critical factor gets tired of seeing the same technique, you’ve just tapped into the subconscious

  2. isnt a woman trying to seduce a man kinda redundant

  3. Wow… it’s like hacking into people’s brains.

    This is simultaneously scary and fascinating. I wonder if somebody has ever tried something like this on me without my knowledge.

    I think I’ll stick to hacking computers for now, though. :p

  4. The interrogation style of questioning seemed annoying to me at first but then i realised that the reason she did so was because they were at an NLP seminar/workshop.

    If she had used a normal conversational style like “Imagine…” the subject would immediately know what was going on and alarm bells would keep going off in his head every time he heard a trance word.

    By having to answer questions he is forced to imagine every scenario before articulating his thoughts.

  5. Yeah I’m gonna have to go with thumbs down on this one because her choice of questions and conversation is so unnatural, along with the moving the object around.

    I would just be a little annoyed in a conversation with her, not entranced.

  6. Ehhhhh she was a little rough around the edges, plus this guy looks like not too many women talk to him in his life! lol

  7. Deceptive. It’s not about anchoring, it’s about her voice.

  8. Very well done . NLP is great and good anchoring tecnique as well.

  9. wow very interesting. the lady is brilliant. he’s ready to sign over his bank account.

    his whole body language changes, it opens up sofens and he rocks gentely , and the tone of his voice too warms.
    thanks for post

  10. whoa that chick has skills!!….learned alot from this video

  11. yaaawn – clumsy clumsy clumsy

  12. WOW!! id like to see ross jeffries like that!!!
    i wonder if it really works…..
    she did a greate job!!!!

  13. She asks too many questions, man. Shoot back some questions or something, bro……

  14. that guys just a neanderthal to her. dayam. like a chick nlp pua babe lmao!

  15. well, yeah pualessons you’re likely aware of tricks like that. so you’d be immune to it. but she is VERY VERY good. VERY effective. She’s great and effective at dropping anchors and triggering anchors. wow. NLP is my life right now. I’m living breathing, reading, speaking, writing, watching, acting, doing nlp.

  16. obviouw she uses her finger, it would never work for me

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