NLP – Hypnotic Language Pattern – Get your ‘but’ out of the way!

Hypnotic Language Pattern – Replacing the word ‘But’ with ‘And’ for more useful and positive impact in your communications. Presented by Tony Burgess of Academy of High Achievers Ltd FREE resource on Hypnotic Language Patterns: This is just one tip of many that is included in NLP training. Tony Burgess and his partner Julie French run NLP Practitioner training. This training is full of great mindset and communication techniques that really help you to step up your own level of success and achievement. This is great for your own personal development and also for supporting others to become more successful and to achieve more. Taken together and applied, these approaches can lead to really inspiring results. Are you ready for inspiration?

07. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @xirishmagicx
    I agree – ‘but’ can certainly be used helpfully & elegantly for the specific purpose of downplaying everything that comes before it.
    My clip relates to the fact that most people are in the habit of using the word ‘but’ unhelpfully & would therefore usually be better off removing it (replacing with ‘and’). Most commonly there is great need out there to get ‘but’ out of the way. AND thanks for the comment – I do already use the word ‘but’ usefully in the way you suggest & describe.

  2. “But’ is a very useful word. It’s function erases or downplays everything that comes before it. It’s really helpful when you use it elegantly. You say using “but” is negative, you say it’s unhelpful and you say to replace “but” with “and” BUT you haven’t considered all the positive and useful ways to use “but” elegantly and helpfully. It’s a fantastic word when used properly. There are times when erasing things is very necessary and helpful. “And” links things together and isn’t always good.

  3. Good info, thanks

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