NLP – I’ll Be Happy When…

Jamie Smart from Salad Ltd torpedoes the social myth of ‘I’ll be happy when’ as he reveals the secret of how you can be happy now. This clip was taken from Salad’s NLP Practitioner Course 2006. The next NLP Practitioner starts in November, for more information go to
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  1. @1madaboutguitar Do you consider that he is better than Tony Robbins?

  2. This guy is rapidly changing my life. I feel blessed to hear this knowledge. I have bought every self development course under the sun. NOTHING hits the spot more than Jamies stuff.

  3. thank you for that…

  4. Your outstanding Jamie!!!!

  5. Awesome! Thanks!

  6. This is the Law of Attracktion but in other formulation.
    It keeps popping up everywhere and everyone formulates it differently. But its allways the same.

  7. “The rule of thumb is: Everything you can do with unhappiness,
    you can do better with happiness.”

    Of course, because…

    Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world.
    It beats money, power and influence."
    -Henry Chester

    Happiness and enthusiasm walk hand in hand!

  8. you’re the man, Jamie, you’re the man!!!

  9. Very easy to listen to..I have listened to many youtube, and it really is, the more simply put, the better. Thanks for that.

  10. Brilliant!! makes so much sense…

  11. I love the down to earth attitude and cursing is just hilarious

  12. he is just pumping them full with Good embedded commands! great=)

  13. I AM. You already are the expression of all that is positive. You already are. Use your imiagination. Just affirm it!!

  14. Thanks for your feedback. You ask “What do you have for those of us… taking themselves to the next level?” My line of questioning would be “What would taking yourself to the next level give you that you wouldn’t otherwise have?” Ask that question, & note the answer, X. Then ask the same question about X, & so on, & so on. It’s a great way of finding out what the next level is for YOU (because, of course, it’s different for everyone). Hope this helps, Jamie

  15. Jamie, I like most of your work, however, I was not thrilled with thie piece. I think it’s a good piece or course for beginners who are just being introduced to the Laws of Attraction (LOA) and I suppose NLP can certainly help to drive home the LOA, however, for folks who ‘get’ that message already, this video is old news. What do you have for those of us who ARE happy now and yet want to incorporate NLP into taking themselves to the next level?

  16. I love this………..from a happy dozy

  17. When the rabid bulldog lets go of your trouser leg he can be given a bone, I guess.

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