NLP intro and presuppositions

Music by James Horner Album; Apocolypto track 12 10 NLP Presuppositions 1. The map is not the territory. Our mental maps of the world are not the world. We respond to our maps, rather than directly to the world. Mental maps, especially feelings and interpretations, can be updated more easily than the world can be changed. 2. Experience has a structure. Our thoughts and memories have a pattern to them. When we challenge that pattern or structure, our experience will automatically change. We can nuetralize unpleasant memories and enrich memories that will serve us. 3. If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it. We can learn the acheiver’s mental map and make it our own. Too many people think certain things are impossible without ever going out and trying them. Pretend that everything is possible. When there is a physical or environmental limit, the world of experience will let you know about it. 4. The mind and body are parts of the same system. Our thoughts instantly affect our muscle tension, breathing, feelings and more, and these in turn affect our thoughts. When we learn to change either one, we have learned to change the other. 5. People already have all the rescources they need. Mental images, inner voices, sensations, and feelings are the basic building blocks of all our mental and physical rescources. We can use them to build up any thought, feeling, or skill we want, and them place them in our lives where we want them or need them most. 6. You
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  1. Great intro! Having practiced NLP for a peaceful, joyful existence I am excited to have the opportunity to share this tool with my family as we help my father recover from a stroke. Seemingly, his mental map (and ours) was hit by a hurricane…

    With just some gentle reframing, the results are already blessing us. What a beautiful world we could create if more people practiced this wonderful technique. Thanks again for the informative and entertaining video!

  2. excellent ;D

  3. Very well done with this vid.

  4. Those that choose hate and ignorance or those that choose freedom and love, do so with the same good intentions. All people act through good intentions, in their own mind. Evil and ignorance is a path that can be followed just as easily by love as the path of love and freedom. Human tendencies ar just that. Human tendencies.

  5. We all have weaknesses, and we all have evil in us, all of us, no exceptions. NLP is made for taking those feelings and images that you don’t like, or don’t want anymore, and transforming them into what you do want.

  6. Ultimate ignorance in that those people brought up on hatred have molded their minds into ingorance…and this doesnt just happen in a 3rd world country…this happens to everyday people who dont realize that they are supporting hate…KKK people for example…i guess what im tryin to say is there is a very fine line of love and hate…and it saddens me to see people that are very intelligent…be so blinded by their own ignorance/greed…very interesting video…i like a thinker vid

  7. interesting, though that is true our thoughts and minds create the perception of how we understand/communicate with each other/ourselves there is still a power that moves certain people towards evil and injustice that is what i dont understand. we have the avenues of happiness yet there is still misconception and friction with the most simple of ideas and its sad to think that people were brought up on hatred thats what saddens me the most i guess u could call it the ultimate ignorance..

  8. Great video…..

    Thanks yewehking.

    Peace :~)


  10. sweet video!

    thx 🙂

  11. second time is more fun anyways.

  12. Thank you my friend. I appreciate you showing us what NLP is. Since i wasnt paying attention ill have to watch it again.

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