NLP Lie Detector Eye Accessing Cues Explained NLP Lie Detector Eye Accessing Cues Explained. This technique is used by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLETC
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21. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Wow! When he mentioned the statue of liberty singing, I looked to the right. Then, I heard him explain why.

  2. nice still shots, very life-like,

  3. I always think of it this way – when you’re looking at someone and they’re looking to your right they’re remembering something. Right = remember. Left = creating.

  4. thanks for this, im goin for selction, and alwaiys thought something like this was happening

  5. this ways 100% interesting thanks…

  6. that was some really good information! ty!

  7. @ 1:14 your eyes are looking upward and to the side…you are thinking of something visual.

  8. yes.apparently looking straight ahead can convince the brain that the lye u r telling is true,thus tricking it and thus making the body language follow this ‘truth’.

  9. super informative

  10. very informative well done

  11. Steve G. Jones is the leading clinical hypnotherapist of our time.
    Great work, Brother!

  12. This is very good stuff.

  13. did you know that SAS and SASR undergo interrorgation resistance training and are trained to resist against this by looking directly ahead showing no emotion.

  14. good stuff

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