NLP Modeling Technique

NLP Modeling Technique

NLP Modeling is a cognitive strategy I discovered while looking at exceptional achievers in life where humans engineer ourselves to become the highest or best we can be. NLP’s evolving and increasing in congruence so I’ll explain how I’m using NLP on itself to doubt our average life.

We tend to be very believing of our “reality” maps, if we understand Milton Erickson’s intent and what he was trying to achieve with the statement  ‘map is not the territory,’ my guess would be that it was a useful disconnection with problem thinking. Map: these words you are now reading are ‘black’, these words are not “black” well not really, black is just the name of the experience of the light contrast.

In General Semantics Korzybski says “be careful of those small words of identity” ‘is’ and ‘are’ and ‘am’. Nothing could be further from the truth than the idea ‘that we are an accountant, dad, teacher or even inspiration.’ Up until now NLP has sided with the idea that it is dangerous to identify with some of our ideas like “I am depressed”, “I’m an anxious person”, “I have low esteem” etc Meaning making is so much apart of our entire neurological make up and experience we simply, without questioning much, all continue linking our meanings/maps to these stimuli-experiences which tends to equal “our realities”.  We couldn’t really believe anything that has not come in through our 5 senses anyway right?

As I began modeling excellence, my approach is in opposition to the NLP belief “map is not the territory”. What if we forgot to distinguish between map and territory but in a useful way. Map is not the territory seemed exempted, when people are accelerating their success. Each of them identified with. NLP is built around what works. So identifying with something that really helps you get the job done might be worth considering take a look at some who don’t mind their alter ego…

So the previous NLP training said to you don’t identify with things – now we say map IS the territory, you are the ‘one’, you are giant, I am the lawn mower, or I am the music, I am the xyz….it is time to celebrate the alter ego and amplify it.

Some found great power, successfully disconnecting with an average past while increasing control of their talents. Dynamic roles like the following:
· The Navigator
· The Inner coach
· The Shepherd of my thinking
· The Controller of my thoughts etc

So there we have it, sometimes we succeed faster than we can cope. While we maintain a ‘folksy plain ole me pizza and movies’ inside ourselves, organically or by choice we can find something powerful, to bolster ourselves and identify with something so successful that when we need to go onto the stage of life we shine – make the best map your territory can handle!

Ben Tien has been writing about Meditation Self Hypnosis for many years. He is the educator of personal development with a strong focus on effective communication. Learn more about NLP in the author blog: NLP Way

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