NLP, Neurology and Anxiety #2 – NLP master practitioner, trainer and author, Andrew T. Austin discusses the neurological basis of anxiety and NLP. Demonstrated here is the juggling ball exercise for eliminating anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. http
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  2. @surm00 Have you even tried to ramp up the anxiety? Give it a shot. I’m sure that you can think of a time when you were anxious and then focus on exactly what you sensed at the time. As you make it more and more real in your mind, you can begin to feel the anxiety rise….ok…go grab the ball. 😉

  3. And this my friends is how EFT works. Forget the energy explanations.
    Thanks for the insightful vid.

  4. I feel the only way to fix it is to fight it. You have to purposefully go through the anxiety over and over. Nowadays, its more interesting than terrifying when I feel the heart start to race and the temperature starts to rise. Its a fear of nothing – its all made up in your mind – you have to show yourself, through real life experiences, that your mind has been decieved.
    The trick is to be at peace with the anxiety – if it happens, so what; you’ll live – that type of thinking.

  5. I completely agree re: the ramping up of anxiety. That’s the whole problem. I have no control of the anxiety.

  6. I suffered real anxiety for many years and you are right in how the thinking patterns become a template. I just decided to postpone my worrying until 1 hour before the speech. Don’t know if that fits your methods; perhaps I broke the cycle. I was a little dissapointed to see the guy ramp up his anxiety – I don’t think that’s legit – I never had any control over the onset.

  7. surely this could also just be a distraction and nothing to do with going back and forth from one side of the brain to the other.

  8. In terms of fractionation, one of the principals is similar – i.e. we are putting the eprson into the undesired state, and moving them somewhere else, putting them into the undesired state, and moving them somewhere else, and so on.

  9. Andy, is this vaguely related to IEMT – from the pattern interrupt perspective?

  10. Genius, works fantastic and your book is also brilliant! Fantastic insights.

  11. I think he just got fed up in the end

  12. After reading extracts from your book and ordering it I have got to search your work:-). I love this one and I am experimenting with it. Thank you.

  13. I nicked that ball throwing exercise from your website, works a treat.

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