NLP Phobia Cure – Richard Nongard – Hypnosis become certified in NLP and life-coaching. Visit us today! I am switching to MAC, so here is my first video edited with imovie. Goodbye Microsoft! This is not the fast-phobia cure, but a variation that uses submodality replacement and dissociation
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11. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @Fangornmmc . . . perhaps you could incorporate a metronome or other sound device in your induction. As well using and incorporating auditory predicates in your ‘trance-script”. . . adjusting the volume, tone, bass, treble, static. . etc during the trance. . while noticing any cues your subject gives in response 🙂

  2. I want to help a friend but like me, she is mainly auditory and her phobia (claustrophobia) has a mainly auditory trigger. This method seems to mainly focus on visual, how do I make it more auditory?

  3. This is great! And congrats on the Mac! I’m on a 27inch i7 iMac myself. 😀

  4. Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know how informative I find your videos. I am studying to be a Hypnotherapist and I have yet to try my first induction, NLP is certainly an area I will be studying at a later date. Many thanks

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