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25. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. yes…grab those balls..

  2. No “maybe” about it, you’re right – this is a great language pattern!

  3. “my left, your RIGHT” I like it 😛

  4. Bad logic (and a waste of the viewer’s time) when he says that the difference between “the man chased the dog” and “the dog chased the man” is somehow analogous to “maybe you’re right.” The dog examples show how syntax (word order) is important in English in order to precisely convey an idea. “Maybe you’re right” is not a sytactical issue.

  5. hands that talk ahahh

  6. maybe your right

  7. Sales men are annoying.

  8. I gave four stars instead of five. I was a little confused why he was doing a puppet show without the use of real puppets. I could have maybe visualized it better with a little king on one hand and a princess puppet on the other. A cardboard castle backdrop would have really clarified things. I dont know…maybe your right. Thanks! Im gonna try this on my wife when Im trying to sell her sex. They always say sex sells itself, but not in my kingdom. Thanks again!

  9. god this mans a hunk like to do strange intimate things with him

  10. My pseudoscience alarm went off throughout this video

  11. @JonChase I increased sales my %70 using this blog. If you are ready to put in some work that will really benefit you and if you are ready to take your sales and language to the next level and want to increase your flexibility, then this blog will shed the light on all that confusion out there and will bring you to the next level, I promise!


  12. This blog really helped me understand this. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve seen in this area. Just thought it’d help anyone else who’s interested.


  13. Its Called “Brain Ninja” Dane cook look it up lol Deb got it from thier. It’s Women’s Most Sacred weapon. Really no joke “Dane Cook Ninja Brain” look it up. If your a guy this is a counter measure that will save your life, even against women in the job world. Thanks cool vid mike.

  14. You almost sound like Tony Robins!:) Great info.

  15. SWEeeeT!!! Maybe your right about this one hahaha!! Don push the river

  16. Thanks Mike. Before I watched this, I didn’t know what a phrase was!

  17. Yes it will assist in any situation.

  18. Its Never Usually The Money. Its How Much Value You Can Create. If the Value and Desire is high enough then people will usually find the money.

  19. I can see how the pattern interrupt works but what do you do when they don’t have the money?

  20. Great help in religious arguements

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