NLP Programming and Weight-Loss

NLP Programming and Weight-Loss

Neuro-linguistic programming is a route towards psychotherapy. It involves the deployment of certain techniques and strategies that are based on effective use of language and personal interaction. This unique creation in effective communication was created in the 1970s. The first ever experiment was conducted on three successful psychotherapists, Fritz Perls, Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir of Gestalt Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and Family Systems Therapy, respectively. The aim of the experiment was to discover behavior and communication patterns that distinguished them from their peers. This was done via subjective restructuring of the thought processes by effective communication.

NLP Programming and weight-loss:

Today, the predominant patterns of NLP and their application are being successfully implemented in weight loss programs, seminars, workshops and even the special books and audio programs. The aim here too is to apply exercises and principles to influence a healthy change in self and others. Irrespective of the debates on the NLP programming, the use of its principles in weight loss is making a huge difference to people. The NLP programming increases behavioral choice, and in a fat person, the choice is healthy food over unhealthy, fried food stuff. The principle applied involves the manipulation of personal state and belief by a dedicated practitioner or even by determined self-application

The Neuro-linguistic programming and weight loss is related to the belief that mind and body are parts of the same cybernetic system and they affect each other. Both refer to the same gestalt. Since they act as one and influence each other, healthy food in the mind and a slim beautiful self is automatically and with regular mid exercises, a slimmer and more beautiful body!

Neuro-linguistic programming and weight loss works on the fact that anything that happens in one part of a cybernetic system is bound to affect other parts of the system. In the application of Neuro-linguistic programming for effective weight loss, the way a person thinks about food and the self is changed and that affects how they feel and think. The whole application revolves around the simultaneous shift in perceptual input, internal mind set and emotional and physiological response.

In practical terms, Neuro-linguistic programming in weight loss changes how a person thinks either by directly change or by a change in physiology. The application works vice versa too. One very important tool used in the application of Neuro-linguistic programming in weight loss programs, seminars and workshops is the visualization tool and mental rehearsal. The resultant control in the participants’ systems leads to a shift in the quality of their experience in the moment and through a pre determined time frame.

Choice is always preferable to no choice. A general principle of NLP is that a person needs to keep generating the shift in the thought process until he or she gets the desired outcome. Hence, you see refresher courses and networking in weight loss campaigns. Every participant’s behavior is guided towards adaptation and the realization that reality is defined by individual perceptions of the world. The participants in the weight loss programs are conditioned to make the best choice available to them at any moment in time. They are also made aware of the choice making to reduce, keep fit and look good within their individual life experiences and the choices they are aware of.

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