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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  3. good

  4. A great inspirational man. He doesn’t treat or fix people, he teaches. And he does it so well. Brilliant.

  5. This guy is just brillient psychotherapist. No wonder the master himself Dr.Milton Hyland Erickson give him the thrumbs up with NLP.

    Its just a shame that he kills hookers, and not to mention the lawsuit he brought up against his former partner John Grinder was just atrocious.

  6. @Briancmwilliams Can you define “neuroatypical” please?

  7. NLP is probably a good collection of powerful methods and techniques that mostly stem from others, like Milton Erickson.
    Apart from that, the comments here show that many people are very suggestible..

  8. ok i will give you my wallet

  9. Great guy! I just love the way he explains stuff. Noone really comes close to Bandler in my opinion.

  10. @Lloyidian I would have complemented your liberal use of snark, but then you finished it off with sucking off a man you never met and then a plea for being the only sane man on the internet.

    Trust me your not and your not different … not even in a bad way.

  11. @Briancmwilliams thank you! I would like to thank my mom, my dad for supporting me..I would like to thank God..especially I would like to thank John Gridner and Richard Bandler for discovering the method of NLP, a method where people with phobias can be cured! and I would also like to thank you as I re-realized that getting involved in youtube comments is just nothing but a pointless waste of time!

  12. @Lloyidian Congratulations that may be the most bigoted thing I’ve heard in 2011 come up and collect your trophy.

  13. @Briancmwilliams my point is that people with phobias (anxieties) are a different class than those classified as neurodivergent! He doesn’t cure what can’t be cured. You obviously can’t use nlp on someone with autism, yet very well on a person fearful from heights.

  14. @Lloyidian phobias are just intense anxieties so i dont see your point.

  15. @Briancmwilliams he has never claimed to cure these people!!! phobias or anxieties are not the same!

  16. @darthnegate NLP should never be used on neuroatypicals.

    If your a regular person and you want to subject yourself to NLP to get over your fear of heights go right ahead it may help it probably wouldn’t hurt.

    But, as someone who has seen it used and been inside an asylum, anything done with confidence to “cure” a nueroatypical is going to be a train wreck. The fact that this guy believes he can fix people easily is disturbing.

  17. I have a few reservations about this guy..(if it sounds to good to be true, then it isn’t). First, In the DVDs i saw of him he constantly mentioned money. he also claims to have helped all these wealthy sports people earning him millions of dollars, yet he still charges a fortune for his seminars and products…. Maybe he is that good if he’s conning all of you guys….

  18. PS… Richard you are a great hypnotist. Why don’t you just say that NLP is only effective if under trance state for subconscious and conscious receptivity for permanent results. Just my personal opinion – you are a good bloke but.

  19. Richard number One!!!!

  20. I love Richard, he is a complete genius!

  21. Yes, i totally agree. As a Los Angeles Life Coach, also Known as Coach Hollywood, NLP is the way to be an effective communicator!

  22. Love ya Richard !

  23. @Unzaman I thought it was a waistcoat…

  24. @YD8189
    You’re assuming a random YouTube comment is a completely accurate quote? It isn’t.

    I thought you were referring to the possibility of a ten-minute cure. You’re right; of course it isn’t possible to cure *everything* that quickly.

  25. @ARyttz

    EVERY phobia; EVERY time?

    Milton Erickson never suggested he could do that himself. As a matter of fact, HE admitted the obvious: NO intervention has been known to be efficacious with every patient. And Richard Bandler and/or Tony Robbins are not, nor ever will be, in the same league as Dr. Erickson. He was as much a “freak” in his craft as was Mozart or Picasso.

    I KNOW both sides of this argument and such claims don’t pass the laugh test–no matter what you get paid.

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