NLP – Richard Bandler’s message for a “brighter” 2010 – Richard Bandler has filmed a short interview for us, giving some friendly advice about dealing with any challenges that you might have ahead, and how to get more of what you want. We thought his advice would be a great way to orient yourself over Christmas and into the New Year.
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  3. no hay un video q este subtitulado….???? en español

  4. Hesham check us out.

  5. Very informative!

  6. @RedTailedTuna Learning NLP will protect you from Cults like Scientology from brain washing you! A few years after finishing NLP Trainers training I went into the a scientology place and this guy was using NLP and Hypnotic techniques the moment we sat down to talk about What Scientology is. So I started to use it right back on him and tranced him the F’ out to feel excruciating anxiety any time he uses mind control to brain wash people. Last I heard, he quit Scientology! Good for me!

  7. This stuff is incredibly interesting.

    Must watch more…

  8. I my mind the two top people in the human mind are Richard Bandler and LRH the laters tech has been altered and is very cult like where NLP is still very pure

  9. plan, love, live, life with the right attitude 🙂 Fantastic Richard,
    Bye, bye,
    The English Sisters

  10. @Timmo323 Best friend?

  11. Yes it’s all about attitude. It’s not the situation but the REACTION that matters. Without adversity we cannot grow and learn to overcome. Adversity is out best friend. Without it we would become bored and have no purpose..

  12. Yes, i totally agree. As a Los Angeles Life Coach, also Known as Coach Hollywood, NLP is the way to be an effective communicator! We have the power to choose what we think with our minds!!

  13. You can stop anything but a person with a good attitude. Like it

  14. @andrewestbrook The two are not incompatible! Obviously Tolle (or any other Advaitin) has to make plans of some sort! The issue Tolle’s teachings address is actually just a bad habit which short circuits much of our power when consistently ‘practised’. To choose to direct our imagination in the sorts of ways Bandler suggests is a horse of another colour!

  15. @ieBrazil Ditoo ..small steps are the start of a great journey…to enjoy! …With love

  16. @yourmyind

    Wow lol, your welcome. Why is there a lower case letter “i” in your screen name?

  17. @dhall7979 It reminds me of something I saw Derren Brown do once. It is not like Dr. Bandler to stammer. I think he deliberately stumbles over his words to embed something in the middle of the word “opportunity”

    Sounds like “Oper dolmer romer tunity” Hmmmm

  18. @barcekilkenny “This is a rare and unpresidented opportunity” is what he was trying to say I think.

  19. At 3.30 what is he saying?,,,it sound like he is stumbling over his words..but I think there is something more happening!
    “This is a rare but but unpres…something something somethin”

  20. “Rockefeller lost everything”……… poor fellow

  21. A simple message. I think Richard’s viewpoint is helpful and after reading books based on his work and then read his books there is a credible difference. My personal thanks.

  22. These mind viruses hijack the mental firewall and block out information that would set the mind free from the chokehold these viruses have on it. Heres an example of one of my own, if I did not know what NLP was before watching this video I would think it is complete bullshit because whenever I hear someone talk about having a positive attitude being a solution to problems I think they are talking bullshit to try and sell you something. That idea would have blocked out good information.

  23. When I started reading about NLP I didn’t consciously try to implement the presuppositions, it just happened but I noticed the presuppositions alone wiped out at least 90% of my self imposed limitations and changed my life completely. Its highly interesting shit. I think these presuppositions give people a certain level of immunity to mind viruses.

  24. Bandler is an absolute genius up there with the greats. His delivers everything with ease, brilliance and humour. People get totally confused about what positive thinking is it is NOT just thinking nice things and hoping etc. You must change the programming of your mind which is simple and easy when you know how. NLP gives power to the people like no other I am a true true fan!

  25. @andrewestbrook He would probably tell you the future is now… By planning your future, you are telling your unconscious mind what changes you want to make, what changes will make a more perfect now… in NLP that’s “Future Pacing” You are still living in the Now, but programing your mind to make changes to it…

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