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Our head of training explains how his unusual mix of experience produces a unique and bullshit-free NLP training. Hello, my name is Robbie Steinhouse and I’m head of training at NLP school and id like to tell you a little bit about myself. I started in business relatively young, my mid 20s and by the time I was in my mid 30s I had a large successful business and I basically sometime say I was effectively living the American dream in London, I had a nice house a nice car and things were all going well, I had a family and you know a successful business, it all looked very good, but I found I was really pushing myself and I was getting more and more exhausted and I actually really wasn’t very happy, my father was also a business man, he got ill and then died and began to realise that I too was possibly on this same programme working very hard and likely to produce an affluent widow which is not exactly what I wanted to do so I thought I’m going to try and do something different, so I firstly wanted to try and improve my health and l learned NLP and when I started learning NLP Training I began to realise I could change many of the ways I behaved and basically transform my life and I thought it was really great. First thing I did was use some of the skills to build my leadership capabilities because you know a small business person doesn’t always transition that well into a leadership role so what I did was use those skills to kind of NLP coach and develop a team to take over

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