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A witty explanation of the factors that motivate success. Hello my name is Robbie Steinhouse and I’m the head of training at NLP school. I’m going to explain a model called the logical levels of NLP and the best way of doing this, that I know, is to catch a ball. Now what you saw, was a stimulus from the environment, a ball and you saw behaviour, which was a catch, the reason I can catch is I have a capability or skill of catching. Now what I’d like you to do, I don’t know, to make this thing more dramatic, ask you to pretend I’m eleven years old and If catch the ball our school will win the cup, are you ready? Lets go ‘yes I did it, that’s amazing’ at that very moment I might say I love sports, sports are fantastic they’re just so important and I might even say I am a sportsman. Now lets run that again, I’d like you to pretend I’m eleven years old and we’re going to run it again, no no no and at the moment I might say I hate sports, sports are horrible they’re totally useless, a complete waste of time I might even say I’m not a sportsman. The Point of this model is this, if you change something at the top it tends to drill down, if I have an identity which says I am a sports man, well that means I will cluster a group of beliefs and values saying sports are important and worthwhile and I like them and from those two things I’ll be motivated, really motivated to develop the skills to be able to do that behaviour in the environment, conversely, if I say I’m not a sportsman

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