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You cannot not communicate. The power and relevance of non-verbal communication. Hello, my name is Robbie Steinhouse and I’m head of training at NLP school and this clip is about something called an NLP pre-preposition which is you cannot not communicate, NLP is very interested in the whole field of non verbal communication how our gestures, our facial expression, our posture our voice tone, also affects communication the idea is we’re always communicating not just with what we say but what our body expresses now let me give you an example of that have you ever been in a situation in a meeting or something like that and someone is looking at you like this and then somehow blissfully unaware that their facial expression is having an impact on everyone around them now one of the key things and one of the great skills you can get from NLP is learning this let me give you a little story I work as a coach and I was coaching a man who grew a very large business and he explained the secret of his success he said he would go along to meetings and he would bring a sales person, the sales person would do all of the talking and he would watch the people around the table and he said in a couple of minutes he could work out who the decision maker was who was needed for the decision and who was irrelevant for the decision and that was all done on his non verbal communication skills so this material is powerful and useful and is something that we teach in the NLP training, thank you.
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