NLP sales keys to overcome objections – Part 1

Use NLP techniques for sales and reframe any objections! Reframing is a key NLP technique to increase sales.
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18. June 2011 by Admin
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  2. There are countless companies offering training in NLP. Dr Bandler co founder of NLP is very clear that NLP’s core skills need to be taught person-to-person by a competent and licensed trainer You cannot learn NLP effectively from a book, from an internet course – nor from a trainer who has not been trained to a ‘Trainer Training’ standard.

  3. @ss21041 …the taste lies in the eating..not observing. Yes we are all duffers, idiots….four fingers point back at u when you point at us. Truly sorry for ur upbringing that lead you to this stage.

  4. @pieaficionado ….Talk about God to a hungry man..he would not listen. Talk about food then he listens. What do you hunger of?

  5. This blog really illustrates what this….. person…. Is trying to convey. Unfortunately he failed but this blog succeeded. My sales increased by %70 and that’s the truth! If you are ready to put in some work that will really benefit you and if you are ready to take your sales and language to the next level and want to increase your flexibility, then this blog will shed the light on all that confusion out there and will bring you to the next level!


  6. I’m not really sure what you are trying to say.

    Try using proper sentences.

  7. are a fool to watch these videos?..I suppose you are the greatest Idiot on planet..Congrats duffer, idiot

  8. I agree. I’m starting to belive that NLP stands for “talentless losers trying desperately to figure out why some people are naturally better than them”

  9. Are you supposed to fall asleep during NLP?
    Every time I try to watch one of these NLP videos I nod off.

  10. 1. copy and paste this

    2. send this to 9 other vidioes

    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds

    4. press refresh twice


  11. i went to this seminar earlier this year. awesome, my sales are reaching almost double.

    Highly recommended!

  12. your giving solution good subject,thanks

  13. You are right on target brother! Love it and keep it coming!

    Be a RockStar in Your Life,
    Dr Dan

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