NLP Self Improvement

NLP Self Improvement

If you are wondering what NLP is, do not fret because you are not alone.  In a nutshell, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is defined by many experts and practitioners as a set of skills and models that you can apply purposefully achieve results and goals they never thought possible. Some may define it is a body of knowledge or discipline that aims to know the how and why of human thinking, behavior patterns and social communication. It is a powerful tool that empowers and helps you do whatever things better. In the year 1970, John Grinder and Richard Bandler created Neuro Linguistic Programming. However, there is difficulty to define Neuro Linguistic Programming per se because both Grinder and Bandler used such vague and ambiguous language that it can be interpreted differently from what they really originally intended. That is why it had never enjoyed much support from the faculty of psychology because some contend that its merit and authenticity as a psychotherapeutic method is disputable.


Now, the question is what NLP is for and what’s in it that piques the curiosity of many? Based on what I have read, it can be applied in most aspects in our lives. Some claims that it can teach you to become more independent. It can help you create a compelling future and a personal pathway. There are some experts that say that it can create a solid positive mental attitude and can also teach you how to slow down and appreciate the small things that make up the whole of your life. So basically, NLP has something for everybody, it is about ‘modeling excellence’ thus you can become better in everything you do in life. Whether you are sick or healthy, individual or corporation there is something for you.


As I have previously mentioned earlier, many critics said that NLP as a psychotherapeutic method is disputable as to its merit and authenticity. Some critics also contend that the modern interpretation of Neuro Linguistic Programming seems to have changed from the original concept into something else. Additionally, there are other people who think that NLP therapists are just into fraud. Others are also apprehensive about it because it only gives off short term boost rather than a long and continuing one.  Lastly, for others they think that Neuro Linguistic Programming is mainly about tricking people into believing they are special and that they can become better.


Although these negativities towards NLP exist, still some people swear by it.  That it can help a person live a better life, it helps one shift his or his attitude. It can also help the person by changing the behavior in such a way that he or she becomes more dynamic. The person is also expected to be much more independent or even more creative. In addition, we must always remember that NLP is not science; thus there is no certainty of its efficacy because it basically depends on the individual application of the techniques and the level of competency that an individual is used to.


In conclusion, based on what I’ve read it seems that NLP is a discipline which its efficiency can be verified and it seems that it is not supported by neuroscience. However, I cannot really say that the techniques won’t work. Because if we based on other peoples personal experienced and mostly swears by it that it worked and worked quite well.  But there is a need for us to stress that there is no way to know whether the claims are valid. Personally, I would advise you to give it a try and you can judge for yourself, there’s definitely no harm in trying it yourself.

My name is Ruben Seetharamdoo. I was an introvert young man growing up in the paradise island of Mauritius, and went off studying my first degree in Chemistry at the University of Delhi in 1995.Unleash the Alchemist Within

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