NLP – Sliding Anchors

Learn to anchor peoples emotional repsonses to objects (such as condiments) and make these states stronger or deminish as you please. Visit this site for more info:

19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @jrfarris87 Probably intentionally obvious for training purposes, there wouldn’t be much point in this video if she’d made it difficult. Also while she setting the sugar up as an anchor she only gently taps the sugar while he is focused on her face and is answering the questions so even if he consciously picks up the tapping out of the corner of his eye, his mind is still focused on his experience so the anchor will still take no matter how obvious she was. Our unconscious is always watching. 🙂

  2. @lrmphotos Kim asks him if he’s ever been in that state first, then when he’s thinking about it she taps the sugar. Watch it again, you’ll notice that Kim taps her finger on the sugar every time he’s answers a positive questions. She then replies ‘really’ to everything he says, at this point he is unconsciously saying yes back to her, doing otherwise would be disagreeing with himself. So, really….. yes (tap finger again and link agreement to the anchor, she’s very good)

  3. How does she put him into the state in the first place? thanks, Lee

  4. She is WAYYY too obvious with the anchor, but he doesn’t realize it so I guess it worked…but I love the technique… and her ability to elicit the different states was awesome. This is a great video.

  5. @dannyhere4u

    good one 😀

  6. they’re all so old and creepy, look at that 70 year old in the background…

  7. I would’ve fractionated some more. I liked how she shifts tonality at 7:13 and does the “Now, with me” + self point at 7:18. She used his trance words (warmth, playful, alive, etc.). TAKE that supposed to be sexual innuendo??

    One question though, I thought sliding anchors were supposed to be done in their peripheral vision? It appears Kim is sliding the sugar packet in front of them.

  8. @Gregorypeckory You are a loser. I wonder how is it that you know so much about being a loser and know so little about being adequate and intelligent? “You don’t know shit, you’re better off a loser when you become so ignorant to the people around you especially when you’re trying to be self righteous” – my friend said this once to someone who in particular could only imagine himself displaying stupidity and devolved consciousness. Anyways its just that you seem like you’re stupid and maybe more

  9. what I want to know is this: what would it do to the guy if she poured that sugar into her drink and finished it?
    anchor collapsing?

  10. question for using anchors (not sliding ones). what’s the best way to request permission to “borrow someone’s knuckle” so to speak. I would like to set some anchors but dont’ want the person to be like “stop touching my shoulder/knuckle/whatever_physical_anchorspot”.

  11. lol. well said. these tactics are only for short-term relationships it would seem. haha.

  12. Well all kind of powers and new technologies have the possibility to abuse them.
    This includes computers the written word and nlp too.
    But you are right this stuff can be used to abuse someone, but it brings MORE good into the world. It depends on the people using it.
    And Tom is right, you need to live up to your anchors, at least to some extend.

  13. Bonds don’t require covert techniques. You don’t need to sneak your way into relationships (unless you’re a total loser). Just talk to people like a normal person. “People sometimes manipulate”? Yeah, as in the lesson above. Like I said, try it on me, and I’ll be in your face, not accessing loving states. These techniques would appeal to the creepy loser character Michael, on the tv show, “The Office”.

  14. If the comparisons were valid, there would be courses in “sneaky showering”, or how to avoid getting caught with perfume on. (BTW perfume is an abuse too; a chemical assault). This conscious attempt to change people’s behavior without them knowing is for losers and sneaks. Otherwise, why conceal it? Nobody misses the fact of a pushup bra. Actually, I don’t see how anyone could miss this weird behavior either. I wouldn’t. My reaction: “WTF is your problem?”

  15. Gregorypeckory, we anchor each other, everyday, whether we know it or not. Some people we just feel good around and we’ve developed an anchor to them.

    And as to your manipulation assertions, everyone manipulates everyone else in some manner. Showering daily is a form of manipulation. Wearing cologne or perfume. Wearing fashionable clothes. THE PUSHUP BRA is a BIG form of manipulation. But nobody is taking a self righteous moral highground against those things, are they?

  16. I truely understand that you are worried about this and true people sometimes manipulate people.
    But this can also be used to keep and let the Bond of two people Grow in each other. And Having these skills can also allow you to have a wonderfull and Honest loving relationship.

    The manipulation you are talking about is really happening all the time. What about all those unlucky cuples, dont they often feel cheeted? How would it be if everyone would just life the relationship they dreamed?

  17. It’s not about me; but rather the ethics of manipulating others. Regardless who does it, it’s an abuse (if it works), to elicit feelings in a “covert”, “sneaky” fashion, installing triggers (also covertly), so that you can control others’ behaviors, push-button style. People are all flawed; I don’t trust anyone with these manipulations. I checked out Bandler and Grinder in a number of videos; they use NLP in an overt, theraputic context, not as puppeteers. You get it all the time for a reason.

  18. Interesting comment and one I get all the time. The facts are simple. When using anchoring to open doors for people to know you, you also have to live up to the anchor you set. If you violate that anchor then you destroy it.

    The real world effect is that these skills open the doorway of communication. They don’t make people love you.

    It sounds like you don’t trust yourself with this kind of skill 🙂 People who make these kinds of comments usually see themselves abusing the skill

  19. For that matter, if it works, how do you know you’re not teaching the next Ted Bundy a manipulative trick for building trust without substance. Isn’t it better to build rapport by getting to know someone the old fashioned way; share your thoughts and feelings, encourage them to do the same, have some fun together, and see what develops? What kind of future does a couple have when the relationship is built on a foundation of one sided “covert” manipulations?

  20. I’m not anti-NLP, but this manipulation is troubling. It’s strange to hear the teachers of it describe as “sneaky” and “covert”, the very methods they advocate using to elicit specific reactions in unwitting participants, such as falling in love with you. I also find it hard to believe that this highly artificial way of interacting would go undetected in real life-how the target wouldn’t ask “WTF are you doing?” is beyond me.

  21. Or of course she could just get a personality and become interested in other people. At least if you are going to attepm covert then don’t make it overt.

  22. the dude is as hard as a diamond in an ice storm!

  23. i can see that… also, with that, i think she was pushing the ‘playfulness’ that the guy responded to… which could be considered a bit annoying, like with her head bobbing side to side and the highpitched voice, etc

  24. If the girl is sexy connection will appear automaticaly. 🙂

  25. I Think not!

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