NLP Swish Pattern (Part 1/2)

Discover how to replace an unwanted state with a resourceful one. Note how Terry spends a great deal of time finding the exact trigger point of the unresourceful state before using the swish pattern. visit for info on NLP training and NLP MP3 products. In this video Terry refers to the “Hakalau” – an up-time trance, devoid of negative emotions, where it is possible to experience complete awareness. For more info visit

27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. maybe ur right.. terryelston

  2. Yes and a fact is that the makers of the Derron Brown show sometimes film for a whole day before getting what they want. This is raw and uncut, not a Hollywood movie! Hopefully students and interested people will get more from watching a real demo rather than just a magic trick!

  3. i agree with gazcityboy

  4. There are much better examples of swish pattern on the internet than watching this excruciatingly painful video. Check out Derren Brown who gets straight to the point.

  5. Thank you so! much this is very resourceful technique to use. I wonder if this can work for addictions as well. Because there are times when you may have internal triggers for addiction before you react.

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