NLP Swish Pattern to Break Your Bad Habits

NLP Swish Pattern to Break Your Bad Habits

So, do you want to break your bad habits? In NLP there are one technique called Swish Pattern, it will help you to install an automatic and positive response to a certain stimuli which previously created your unwanted outcome.

NLP swish pattern works by using rapid-fire submodality shifts to associate two mental constructs so that one automatically leads to the other. By using the Swish Pattern, you will be able to create a new positive response into your subconscious mind.

So, if you want to break your bad habits (such as biting your fingernail, etc), NLP swift pattern will help you to make the new response permanent. Well, what best way to learn this NLP technique is by practicing it!

5 steps of NLP Swish Pattern to break the bad habits:
1. Create a close-up image of the stimulus. This should be a specific object or scene from the outside world. Since this will act as a trigger for the new behavior, it should be seen through the practitioner or client’s eyes.
2. Create a distant image for the desired behavior. Since you want to make the desired outcome as compelling as possible, this should be seen as through an outside observer’s eyes. Make sure you can actually see your body in the picture.
3. Swish the two images and bring the desired response right up to the user’s face. To enhance its effect, you can actually make a “swish” sound as the images pop into place.
4. Allow the images to settle for a while in their new places. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that a loop will not be formed in the process.
5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 and see did you get any new response. Do a test. You have just rid yourself of the bad habit.

With practice, you will see that this NLP technique is actually very easy to learn. Apply this technique and you will be able to start enjoying a life free of bad habits!

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