NLP Technique: Reduce Any Fear, Phobia, or Insecurity (NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Medicine) Learn Powerful NLP Technique, NLP Fear Cure, to Reduce any Fear, Phobia, or Insecurity.

30. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Hi. I’m a psychotherapist and i always looks for new ways to reduce fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, I tried the movie exercise and when I finished it my anxiety was worse! lol I never want to get back on that plane now that i know that it crashes. The thought of going back on the plane gave me an anxious feeling in my gut. What do you think?

  2. Interesting how you said burning sensation in stomach is caused by someone blaming you for something you have done, or you blaming yourself,feeling guilty. That is true.
    Some people can feel negative energy coming from another person,like a blame or jealousy.
    You just have to accept it , what happened had to happen and past cannot be changed, otherwise you keep felling sick.

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  5. Very cool…thanks…Im subbed.

  6. a great simple excersize

  7. Hey, thanks for the excercise program and the action plan. I’ll be trying it out. I’ve signed up on your web.

    I have the found this vid much better presented. Aesthetically and practically speaking.
    What I would suggest is an improvement on the audio recording. Your voice is very low and the background noise does interfere. You could use a mic on you. Just a humble suggestion.


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