NLP Techniques: How To Use Hypnotic Language Patterns In The Real World How to use NLP techniques and hypnotic language patterns in the real world without getting caught or sounding like you’re on drugs… To learn more powerful, practical hypnotic language patterns, download your free lesson from http Enjoy, Cheers, Nathan Thomas
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29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Nathan I think your fantastic but you really need to take a good look at yourself.
    the way you present these talks lately with you head blatantly obvious that you face to your right for whatever achoring your doing ( I know what it is but thats not the point)
    the point is its way to weird not normal and way to obvious. Youve heard of micro mirroring now try micro gestures youll get. its like a yo yo youll bounce around till you find the rightr balance, but do take a look at your self

  2. @KeysToTheMind Nathan – After watching several of these vids, I find your voice itself to be soothing and hypnotic. The tone, meter, and inflection of your voice is relaxing to listen to and it perfect for this, and you obviously enjoy what you’re doing. – Good job!

  3. I think this video is wonderful! It’s one thing to be under the impression that these language patterns are the way you use them. Instead of saying “You’re eyes are blinking more now, which means you’re already in trance so you can relax now” You could say, “Close your eyes to remove distractions so you can allow yourself to gently focus on the beating of your heart.” One is more “hypnotic” and the other is using the same cause-effect principle in a more casual way. Principle is important.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Great job Nathan

  6. @PsySwitch1983

    Hey! You’re spot on. Voice tone and body language is often a lot more important than word choice in persuasion / hypnosis!

  7. I think your voice tone is more of a barrier than anything else

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