NLP techniques – Mastering Advanced Techniques of NLP Series I . Richard Bandler and John la Valle – This amazing three day NLP training course is ideal for newly trained NLP Practitioners or established NLP Trainers wanting to expand their knowledge of NLP. This is the What to do next course – whether you are a Licensed NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer This is the NLP course for you.. “People constantly ask me what they should do after these courses. My answer is always to become greatly skilled. This three day presentation will be a chance for people to begin to master such things as rapid inductions, how to use time distortions, advanced language patterns and more importantly to become better skilled at doing precise elicitation and installation of NLP strategy. What separates NLP from the herd of things called therapy is that it’s not a therapy it’s an educational process and the skills have developed over forty years. Lots of people that attend our courses and multiple Master Practitioner courses discover that there are different things going on each time, but some of those more advanced skills never seem to get taught to the ability to master amnesia patterns, to master rapid induction techniques so you have a fist full of them rather than just one or two – that will be the subject of the three day seminar” Richard Bandler
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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I want to “SLEEP NOW!!!”
    All the way down inside your brain is gone!

  2. @TVagogoisGOD well didnt the court free the guy given that they couldnt prove hius guilt and he was well, found inocent by the joury in 5 hours just sayin

  3. He reminds me a little of Dennis Hopper. RIP.

  4. bandler g-d bless you forever, in the name of g-d, i pray that g-d protect you, and shine his light upon you and yoru heart, give you rest and prosperity. and that you continue unlocking doors for prople who are true practitioners of magick, and not just talkers of foolishness and ignorance. may g-d bless you and empower his will upon you to make all that you do flourish.

  5. shame on you,and instead of being grateful, you decided to tarnish his good name and promiting framl clancy who has an empty heart and energy blockages ha, but g-d see-eth all things @TVagogoisGOD

  6. Richard bandler is a true teacher, any of you dump monkeys that think otherwise clearly do not understand that which he does for you. he cleans your garbage energy, and injects clean loving energy in to you and you reply by saying this nonsense. @TVagogoisGOD

  7. much love

  8. Richard Bandler MURDERED Corine Christensen with a .357 Magnum revolver ? ? ? WTF!!!

    Do the research – Read “THE BANDLER METHOD” by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire. It’s online and free.

  9. Richard- YOU ARE BRILLIANT I’VE WATCHED YOUR VIDEOS, LISTENED TO YOUR CD’S-thank you for sharing your amazing talents-if Milton was her-he’d give you a fatherly hug

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