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20. April 2011 by Admin
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  1. @xiamwillx this wat i was going to say

  2. @popabear38 lmao sure i dont know much about NLP, but its easy to imagine myself in their situation. i thought it was pretty damned obvious it was the star the first time i watched it.. and if you think about the whole setup of knowing your being tested, you WOULD be suspiscious and try to choose something else.. just because YOU would fall for it, doesn’t mean everyone else would.

  3. @xiamwillx
    yea yea yea sure you would.facts are you know nothing of what you say and only wish you was as smart as you think you are.I have study this, amoung other college classes on people ,the mind and how we think and work.
    There are no tricks here you with many other’s are just narrow minded and probably undereducated as well.

  4. @xiamwillx
    yea sure u would.People like to think so ,oh I would never fall for that,but sadly u don’t know what u would do because 1 u wasn’t there and 2 u watched this and listened to him.The facts is just by listening to u , u know nothing how the mind does work and ur commenting on something u don’t even have a full understanding for.You are not as smart as you think you are try reading that’ll help you.

  5. nlp encorporates hypnosis into it sub consciously.

  6. Honestly this stuff only works on very suggestible people. If you are very hypnotically suggestible then NLP will work on you. Also, salespeople employ these techniques all the time.

  7. his guy is a pervert

  8. this makes me laugh. FAKE!

  9. a lot of fancy editing done to make it look hypnotizing and psychological.. but it doesn’t seem too crazy if you think about whats actually going on in that room.. stars in the middle, hes touching it in a certain way, making eye contact, its a freaking STAR out of those ordinary shapes… i mean comeon i’d be so suspicious of that star and just pick the circle. so ez to fake this kinda shit on video.. i bet i could trick a majority of people with this crap with fancy editing and a goatee.

  10. i think this is bullshit.. the star was obviously calling out to be picked.. i wouldve just picked something else if i knew i was being tested on a psychological level.. its hard to believe this. think the main impressive trickery is happening to the audience in believing in this in the entire setup.

  11. PNL *

  12. im pretty sure most of the viewers of this video would have thought of the star as well, notice how the star comes up at 5:30…

  13. very interesting video but…… what the F*CK kinda star is that? 6:20

  14. very interesting video but…… what the F*CK kinda star is that? 6:20

  15. How about I stick my cock up his self important ass ?

  16. Derren Beige

  17. “The biggest challenge facing a mind control expert is maintaining their thin goatee.”

  18. There might have been many more than 4 subjects, and they picked just 4 that chose the stars. Also the people were likely pre-screened for suggestibility. This is how they “left nothing to chance.”

  19. @diceskull THE HanD not your hand remember!!!

  20. is this a Derren Brown Parody?

  21. This guy has a lif size cardboard cut out of Derren Brown by his race car bead

  22. …There was really no reason to go to the barn…

  23. after that he move down the star
    to make the subject’s subconscious mind to receive the message “pick this obvious one”
    and cover by moving other three card at the back

  24. haha I found some subconscious message
    03:32 after he said “I got five shapes ok, im going to (laid)”
    when he said the “laid ” his hand is picking up a “air card”
    to make the subject’s subconscious mind receive the location of the card that later he will put a star on that
    and he didn say that XD
    after he laid his card
    looks what his hand does
    moving down the “+” , moving up the rectangle
    the middle star is become more obvious

  25. The linguistic technique he’s using is pretty much derren brown’s… Un”Stick” you hand to the window.. just like derrens.. fucking poser

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