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I’m sharing about emotional state management using the power of NLP, primarily about how you can change your emotional states through physiological impact.

20. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. The less experienced learners fall for this illusion because we expect the so-called experts to show above-average confidence level and absolute knowledge of the subject, which is also an illusion in itself. We expect experts to “know” what they are talking about. We believe less when an expert gives a probability of success rate.

  2. I find Staurt really knows what he’s talking about in the world of NLP. He is giving concepts of NLP and how physiology can change a person’s thought and emotional patterns. Many so-called NLP Practitioners are simply “salespeople” who use phrases like “Learn NLP in One Day”, “Learn How to Control Someone’s Mind”. The simplicity , and often over-exaggerating, concept attracts learners who fall prey to “illusion of confidence” of the presenter. We tend to like experts who tell us YES OR NO.

  3. Can’t you see what he’s doing? Those ridiculous hand gestures and the exaggerated vocal inflexions. I believe they try to use certain cues to create a change in a person’s subconcious mind. If you listen carefully to what he says, you’ll quickly realise that it doesn’t really make sense. He creates a relationship between ’emotional state’ and the success of your business and qualifies this statement by referring to his personal experience, namely, ‘people I’ve met’. Not very convincing.

  4. I’m only just looking into it but I think that there is alot of evidence for it working.

    Why do you think it’s a gimmick?

  5. NLP is a gimmick, and you are transparent.

  6. Brilliant, you are a very good teacher. I will definitely be checking out your site.

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