NLP Training Courses and Understanding Meta Models

NLP Training Courses and Understanding Meta Models

First, a question. What is NLP training? NLP is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Basically it is a method by which neurological processes (Neuro) and language (Linguistic) go hand in hand to bring about a positive change (Programming) in a person’s behavior. NLP was first introduced in the 70s, co founded by John Grinder a linguist and Richard Bandler a self help trainer and author.

NLP is characterized by a desire to acquire skills and to know which forms of interaction best influences different types of people. It helps to figure out which things in people’s daily lives really matter and it allows a person to look at life as his or her first, last and only chance to learn. NLP training courses aims to teach that every person’s behavior has a structure and as such it can be studied, shared, redesigned to make it more useful and valuable. NLP courses allow a professional to bring about changes in perception and self awareness that once was thought to be impossible by majority. It is a great way to better lives through introspection and education.

One principle that you will come across in NLP is the idea of meta-models. What are meta-models? This term is described further in the following paragraphs.

The meta-model is considered as a person’s own personal map of the world. Map in this case does not literally mean the map that you use to navigate your way to find a certain place or to get the right direction. In this sense, map of the world means how you view and perceive things. Some people think that they have problems because the world they live in has problems as well. This is not the case. In fact, a person has problems because his meta-model is not rich enough. This is because your nervous system manipulates, distorts, and deletes parts of reality which makes the world seem less overwhelming. These maps or meta-models create their own rules on how you should behave and act.
The world is full of things and experiences. However, to prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed, your meta-model deletes some parts of this reality. This is called meta-model deletions. The millions of external stimuli all around you will make you crazy if you can perceive all of them at once. One example of meta-model deletion is when you are in a crowded room but you can still understand the person in front of you. This is something that you will understand further when you enroll in an NLP training course.

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