NLP Training Magic – Training Design Part 1 Learn the key components to brilliant training design, from an NLP Master Trainer and foremost expert in the field of NLP.
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18. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Some good points, but surely you have to have a start point which is where process and structure comes in. I would have thought that the it is the skills of the trainer that then identifies individual needs and then uses his/her training skill sets to bring on the student. Finally, what I think that what you are alluding to is the ‘attitude’ of the student/trainee that is required to take the knowledge and skills the trainer has given them and to apply them in context.

  2. ever heard of exercise you fat fuck

  3. good advice

  4. this video was deasent

  5. is the music and traffic part of the programming lol. good info.

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