NLP Training Pushes Past Limitations

NLP Training Pushes Past Limitations

The intention of this article on NLP training is to be informative.  One of the basic presuppositions of NLP is that an NLP Practitioner is able to utilize all forms of communication.  This means that the NLP Practitioner can receive and process all forms of communication, not that they are willing to use all those same forms in their own communication.  The practitioner makes their own choices about how they communicate.


In addition to the list of seminar content on the NLP training web page, there’s more, a lot more… there is some fucking swearing during NLP training 😉  There is also sexual innuendo, seductive language patterns, the strategy for couples to experience simultaneous orgasm, deep hypnosis trances, talk of penis puppetry, stuperstition, excrameditation and discussions about reality distortion fields.  NLP training also examines the roots of words like religion, reality and relax.  There is even talk of “The Terror Against War” and “The Axis of Evil”.  There won’t be any full frontal nudity, although there may be talk of it.  What there is a lot of, is the truth.



Although the names of some people’s god/s may inadvertently be taken in vain, people each have different definitions of word violations and it depends on which names are used.  Some say god’s name is In Vain, so why not use that?  In Vain forbid the utterance of word violations, those sentences may be in vain and then sentenced to be suspended beyond the limits.


The energy of words is created by the listener’s response.  In practical terms, to be present throughout the instruction, delegates must be able to go beyond any negative response to various words or syntax of words.


NLP training respects the choices delegates make on how to apply and use their NLP skills and the lifestyle goals they choose.  People go to NLP training to learn the NLP skills, not to learn the trainer’s lifestyle. The objective is for delegates to use their new NLP skills to be more effective at living the life that they desire.


This NLP training is about how to use NLP in ANY field of endeavor.  Examples are given for use of NLP in personal development, sales, therapy, management and many other kinds of outcomes.  Many NLP seminars are more about applications like therapy, than about NLP.  This NLP training seminar is about NLP for ALL applications.  This is about communication from its most base level all the way to its most articulate and beyond that, to what gets results.

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