NLP Training: Strategy Elicitation (part 1/2)

How to elicit a strategy and work out where a client is stuck. Adam runs through the process for eliciting a strategy: finding a specific context; a trigger; the state and behaviour. Visit for more info on NLP Training and NLP MP3 Products. Useful Related Video NLP Eye Patterns (

25. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I just asked the sun god and he said you are right. It was in the stars this would happen though…. and…if i inspired you, why didn’t you take the practitioner with me? Was it the wrong planet configuration when mine were running?

  2. Terry, your videos inspired to become an NLP practitioner -my life is much richer for it, thank you. With reference to your reply, I fear you might be making two very common mistakes: confusing astrology with astronomy and bothering to respond to the ignorant.

  3. NLP has as much basis as astrology. No-one with any credentials has ever put their name to this.

  4. i like learning nlp

  5. Thanks for this Terry I am practising NLP with clients and I am finding your videos very helpful!

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