NLP Training: Submodality Belief Change (Part 2/2)

Change limiting beliefs by working with NLP submodalities (part 2). In this part, Terry changes the old belief by shifting the subject’s internal representations. Visit for more info on NLP Training and NLP products.
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24. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I really love NLP. I can’t learn enough.

  2. keep the videos coming they are VERY helpful!

  3. I see alot of nlp coming from uk blokes. Any idea on a reason for that? Is it more culturally popular in the UK right now to improve ones self?

  4. His name is Glen Mcfeat and he has now got a brand new career in the field of his choice. I see him from time to time and he says hes never been happier with his path. Doesn’t always go as well as that, yet I’m fortunate enough to have good clients who really want change!

  5. Well the guy gets a phenomenal change, no doubt about that. Btw Who did you train with? Any reports from this guy about how that particular belief change manifested in his life? Sorry about the seemingly harsh comment. Now that I reread that It seems really brash.

  6. this nlp techniques is demonstrating the use of LOCATION of a picture as code and whether the client Glen is associated in the picture or dissociated. Submodalites are flexible in their use, so the demonstration here is ANOTHER way of using them (see Swish pattern and like to dislike). The intention here is to show variability with using Submodalities, not trying to show all the techniques of NLP in this session. The students get to work in variable ways, not some fantasy of one ‘right’ way

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