NLP Training: The Comment, Question, Observation Tactic Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction, gives you a little NLP training by showing you the comment, question, observation techniques. Raise the level of your game and get any woman, anywhere by checking out Get started with your NLP training from the master of NLP: Ross Jeffries. You won’t need any other NLP training master, and you get this video for free!

19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I am an Asian Bisexual Lesbian looking to have some fun. See my username and let’s chat on my website.

  2. I respect this guy. Yes he hocked his website BUT he did it AFTER he gave you a useful tip that isn’t something obvious like “have self confidence” or “work out”. Kudos to You Ross Jeffries.

  3. DOPE!

  4. this guy is weird and boring to listen too.

  5. Anyone following this man is at a complete loss. He makes it seem like there is special language to use or some magical phrases to say and all you have to do is act confident while speaking and BOOM! There is no special language patterns. There is only one language. Once you understand how language effects people then you won’t need to depend on rip-off artists like this one feeding on insecure men. Interacting with women has nothing to do with special phrases. It has to do with appreciating.

  6. “Do you do a martial art? No? Great, I love easy targets!”

  7. “my names Dick and you must be ‘pussy’?”..

  8. i have a mild stuttering problem, so i have trouble with telling longer stories and drawn out pickup lines…what one of your tactics would work best for me do you think…or is there another way to hit on a chick, not emphasizing what your saying, but more of a body language chemistry?

  9. Pay attention. Ross lets you know how to do it the easy way.

  10. LOVE NLP, I created a super-State and it changed my life and game!!

  11. It would have been wonderful to have Ross’s insructions 20 years ago. This information is golden and can be used in such a relaxed and low-key manner.

  12. AWESOME THANKS !!!!!!!!

  13. I think the actual routine structure behind this is really good.. I’m going to look it over a few times and make my own hopefully.

  14. Not really. The purpose is to find out what may be true about her…whether you’re intuition was right or not…it doesn’t matter. Because she will let you know…provided that you let her know why you’re asking. You sensed something about her that can be true. There’s no such thing as being “wrong” when intuitively asking because you are just learning something that might be true about her. Then utilize her answer.

  15. ROLF! Yeah.. exactly.. 😉

  16. Ask a woman if she does martial arts and you dont and she does, is ridiculus..

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