NLP Training – Understanding NLP

NLP Training – Understanding NLP

So you may have heard about NLP and NLP training. But what is NLP?

Well, NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and it is about how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. It’s the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and olfactory and gustatory that we have and use, and how that plays a part in the Pictures, Sounds, Feelings and Tastes and Smells and Words that we use (Self Talk).

NLP is ultimately about taking charge of your internal representational system and creating the right pictures, sounds and feelings that you need to get results. Taking an NLP Training will teach you these techniques so you can make the changes you need. The NLP training will give you insight to the process so you can experience it first hand.

Most of NLP training is known for its use with Anchors and Sub modalities (the way that each person processes information). One technique you will most definitely master during an NLP training will be basic anchoring and stacking anchors. This is the process of taking a vivid event from the past, like a time that you fell down laughing for example. Now as you think about that time do you have a picture?

It’s then a process of leading you into that event so that you have all the emotions of that event. Then by pressing on a part of your body at the height of recalled memory you anchor that emotional state to the part of your body that you pressed. These will, when done correctly by just stimulating the place that you pressed, bring back that state. So NLP Training is learning a number of these techniques along with others like Swish patterns that enable you to make changes very quickly and without the effort that you would go through with traditional methods of behavioural change.

So taking an NLP training will teach you valuable skills that you can use with yourself and use with others. Once you have learned these skills you will be able to apply them to all areas of your life and improve your life, through better communication with your self and others. By having these skills in your toolbox you can overcome minor and sometimes major problems buy apply NLP principles and techniques. For example imagine if you needed to complete a task, or a job assignment and you just spend all day avoiding it and procrastinating about it. Well when applying the principles of NLP you are easily able to overcome these problems.


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