NLP Training. Why train with Richard Bandler? Neuro Linguistic programming – Dr Bandler continues to refine his work to this day. What this vast experience means is that when you train with Richard Bandler, you are getting the very latest in NLP – straight from the source – in an easily understandable, user-friendly package that is second to none. In his trainings, Richard Bandler teaches NLP by using NLP. His powerful teaching methods enable him to install concepts and attitudes directly into his students’ unconscious minds, freeing them to learn more quickly than traditional teaching methods could ever allow. His unique teaching techniques incorporate storytelling, joke-telling and demonstrations. As a student, you will have many opportunities to practise NLP on other students – in a comfortable environment where highly-qualified NLP training assistants keep a friendly, practised eye on your progress. The assistants give of their time freely to ensure the courses both run smoothly and are a truly positive and uplifting experience.

20. April 2011 by Admin
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  1. NLPLIFE… Read it wrong and chuckled childishly to myself… It clearly does not say nipplelife. How immature my mind is.

  2. Sense of humour..?? yes, laughing all the way to the bank

  3. @kbdkbd99 Best comment so far, these people make a fortune for words and very little substance

  4. @claxxix: Bandler was not “instrumental”, he was fundamental in establishing NLP. Personally, it is his style I like the most (from the founders) because he is more “bad ass” than other teachers. Lol. I feel intrigued by what you say, what do you mean when you say “way below par”? I think maybe it’s just that you’re not getting the jokes… I don’t laugh that much. Sometimes I do. Still, I like how he teaches. He makes you think. @smashingbeliefs I think his humor is a result of his career.

  5. Richard Bandler is a mad genius and he gets results however his sense of humour really sucks. I’ve seen him be not funny for over 20 years….i prefer him to be helpful over humorous any day.

  6. @kbdkbd99 they don’t want to see what ?…

  7. The King has no clothes, but no-one can see it – they do not want to see it.

  8. I noticed some commentary on the ‘manipulative’ aspect of NLP. What I saw was a useful tool, and a great set of videos to entertain us and illustrate the skills of the presenter(s) I wonder though why there is an emphasis on helping people. Unless helping someone to decide to do or buy something might be described as ‘helping’.

    NLP didn’t invent manipulation, and nor is that it’s purpose. NLP is a formula for describing how language influences perception and ultimately decisions.

  9. Since taking this course my life has changed for the better. I am doing stuff I would never have dreamed of before and am generally more positive. At the time you don’t think you are really learning anything but I understand now it works on an unconscious level and you literally leave that place a different person with a new outlook on life. You feel there is nothing you can’t do.

  10. @Constuelo ok so u dnt like his humour

  11. @purehotup ‘attempts at humour to be well below par’ = ‘attempts at humour to be well below standard’

    I imagine someone can add a better definition

  12. @claxxix1 sorry i dont understand i looked up the word par and dont know how your using it. Is he insulting in his humour?. Thank you

  13. look for things that make you feel better. There is never a situation in which there is not a way out-but, out of habit, most people continue to choose the “lack” perspective until they eventually find themselves where it seems that there are no more choices. But as you hold to your intention to look for evidence of
    Well-Being and thriving and success and happiness, you will tune yourself
    to the vibrations of those things-and so those experiences will dominate your life.
    – Abraham

  14. Very corporate, very American,, ok if you like training with hundreds of individuals I guess

  15. @claxxix1 agreed

  16. Good video. Would be great to see him live in action, as I’m very mind into this. Saw an interview of his and he captures the mind instantly

  17. While this is quite interesting, but having heard many of his lectures on CD and so forth, I would hesitate to do this. He’s often enlightening, but there’s a manipulative aspect to NLP which I don’t like so much, although it’s handy to learn.

    I think he’s a genius in some ways, but not a guru, and he can be quite controversial. Tony Robbins would be much more interesting.

    Nevertheless, from a psychology point of view, it would be interesting to see Richard Bandler in action.

  18. joimarghrega

  19. @VaughnVI Im reading transformations at the minute, whats frogs to princes like?

  20. Great Video, Thumbs up.

    The Art Of Covert Hypnosis home study course teaches you how to apply covert hypnosis in just about any interpersonal setting.

    check it out here: bit(dot)ly/cJaTZI

  21. @kischiman To be fair…. ‘some of it ‘is’ scientific, but some of it is not.

  22. You guys rock!!!

  23. wonderful

  24. Holy Crap! I have been looking for a Legit sight for Learning about NLP for over a year on here now.
    I read Frogs to Princes, Transformations, Using Your Brain For A Change. Bandler is good with the mind.

    Anyone know where to get programs directly from Bandler?
    😉 ?

  25. Great. There’s no doubt about it. My training in NLP with Richard changed my entire attitude to life. It made me happier, more positive and more confident. And it reawakened my creativity.

    I would recommend this to anyone who regards themselves as important enough to invest in.

    Thank you, Richard!

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