NLP Tutorial in Second Life – Visual Submodalities

How to use your brain for a change using the visual submodalities. Adapted from the book: Using Your Brain for Change by Richard Bandler Gina Pickersgill’s interpretation to illustrated Richard’s ideas are USED WITH THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF JOHN LA VALLE – PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIETY OF NLP and full acceptance of Richard Bandler himself ;)) x “Gina is one of a kind and has contributed to the world of NLP with her innovative use of new technologies and ideas. Gina has the ability to capture the hearts and minds of those she meets with her passion for doing good work and helping people become better at what they do in a gentle way. She has created an eZine resource for NLP. It is original in nature and it is focused on Healing. The Healing Pool Magazine, as it’s called, is respected by her peers. She works to high standards and has been an experienced assistant on the London NLP Trainings with us. She is quite influential and creative and I highly recommend her for individual coaching and corporate innovations, especially if you desire to gain the cutting edge scoop on psychological and technological developments. – John La Valle, co-author of Persuasion Engineering®, with Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP” “Gina brings a much needed sense of spirituality and energy to the world of NLP. She is a pioneer at bringing her awareness and skill to a new and rapidly changing virtual realm. And with the publication of the Healing Pool e-zine, she has created a nexus of minds
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05. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Frank Pucelik was also one of the Founders of NLP and has only recently revealed his part in this process…. at a talk in London that I attended on 22nd Sept 2010

  2. Richard Bandler MURDERED Corine Christensen with a .357 Magnum revolver ? ? ? WTF!!!

    Do the research – Read “THE BANDLER METHOD” by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire. It’s online and free.

  3. You’re welcome, Hope it helps with your learning of how to visualize and change sub modalities :))

  4. Excelllent video, thanks.

  5. Hi Rugamer,

    I will be making more soon so watch this space and they will be available on DVD to buy. Mostly iluustraing NLP concepts and my own unique applications of it.

  6. Great video! A very innovative concept to illustrate things … simply brilliant!

  7. Brilliant video Nina, I got a lot out of that 🙂 Wonderful use of Second Life too!

  8. I hope I’ll meet you again and I wish you success

  9. Yes I like your work and this movie I like a lot, it’s clear and illustrative.

    Sorry I had to contact you via youtube. I invested a lot of positive energy into SL and got my rewards too. I made a school where I held two meetings. I have started to build my work in SL teaching and other activ..
    I tried all kinds of solutions. I still have to call them. I think they just don’t know how to keep up with the large number of users. Besides trying to solve this issue I will look for other metaverse

  10. Hi Milton,

    What a pain, I think that’s awful ad you had put so much work into your Avatar. Thanks for lovely comments. I hope you find the video useful.

  11. Hey Nina, I’m Milton. LL a**holes deleted all my accounts. I hope you will see this “comment”. Keep up the good work.

  12. What was most exciting to me was seeing how virtual space can be used to illustrate ideas. There’s potential here for some very powerful tutorials. This was great, keep it up! – Onder Skall

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