NLP – Two Simple Yet Powerful Questions

Jamie Smart from Salad Ltd gives an example of how two simple yet powerful NLP questions can transform your results with clients and in business. See if you can also spot some of Jamie’s cool language patterns and covert embedded commands! This clip was taken from Salad’s Practitioner Training 2007. The next NLP Practitioner starts in November, for more information go to
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18. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @RobBobMarley can i ask where and how you learned NLP?

  2. @TuRdSandwitch18 In a sense, More along the lines of How do you know when you are “successful”

  3. Any one hear the embedded command? Was it like Question, what do you want today? I really new at this. Sorry if i am waaaayy off thanks

  4. This lecturer is great! I watched a bunch of stuff about NLP in youtube and I just got headache. But Jamie Smart is somehow so easy to understand and also so much fun. Two thumbs up for him and this course.

  5. i can answer the first question but not the second yet, how do u know wen u’re confident?

  6. i used nlp in an essay i had to write about the hollocaust in order it impress my jewish teacher. lol, she noticed because she made me read it aloud wtf, random.

  7. actually, I mentioned nlp in my college metaphor class and the professor was suspicious of it. most academics are critical of it

  8. Im a college student and im learning 🙂

  9. I don’t think college students know aout this do they? lol

  10. ditto it just breaks everything down and explains it logically, i love it.

  11. NLP for me is just more than a tool, when i learned it a few years back, it practically cured my “social anxiety disorder”.
    I thank whomever put that lovely book in that pile of books I accidentally tripped on @ the library. I believe it was Trance-formations by “blender and grinder” as many call them.
    It’s applications are remarkable. I taught my 13 year old cousin to use NLP to get bullies to leave him alone. Comedy and NLP can be a great tool for teenagers and adults alike.

  12. I found these simple yet very powerful questions a while back. By applying variations of these questions in my line of work which is sales, I increased my sales drastically in a very short amount of time.

  13. I’m going to start using nlp starting today

  14. “Knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enoguh we must do” Simple

  15. thats cool. I like how you use conversational hypnosis to make everyone in the room go internally and start asking them selvs those very questions. in the guise of a story about the 2 questions.

  16. Both good questions. It is a variation of the questions I ask, “what do you choose for Yourself?” Not what do you choose for your spouse, kids, but what do you choose for yourself? People have a hard time making choices, any choices and this starts the process of planting that seed and allowing it to take root.

  17. Really something to think about.

  18. Thank you for sharing.

  19. pretty cool. thinking about those questions made me feel stuff.

  20. I agree with powerpositive…it IS simply powerful. I attend NLP based workshops here in the USA and in the course of 2 years have grown and changed so much physically and emotionally – for the better.

  21. Simply powerful! Can be used easily by everyone as a starting point to focus on goals. Helps me!
    Many thanks
    Diane L Wood

  22. yeah good

  23. God Bless this great man.

  24. Interesting thanks. I’d love to hear what happened next in the meeting. How did you move from ‘how will you know you’ve got it’ to the well formed outcome. I wonder if this could be a future video?

  25. Hi, This is Dr.Ramakrishnan. The video delivers the impact. Nice.
    Thank you.

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