NLP – Weight Loss Session

For details of workshop mp3 recording recorded in Dec 2009: Video: Part 3 of a session with Steve at the end of an NLP Seminar hosted in Bristol by Andrew T. Austin.
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  1. good job , better sound would help, thanks very strong tho.

  2. Very Rich!!

  3. Can’t hear a thing.

  4. The sound is nasty, you should record the whole thing all over again. This time use a wireless microphone for you and for the patient.

  5. Cool! A Nelper discussion :D. Agreed there is a lot going on and Andrew uses a compulsion blowout technique (I think) in there (size driver) amongst other things. In truth I didn’t watch it very closely or try to break it down too much.
    I took more of a general view and tried to enjoy the piece.

  6. I don’t think the size driver modality is the issue, if you watch again Andrew emphasises that bad decisions are based on still images and good decisions based on moving images. The size driver is something that the client brings, had the clinet not used size then I’m sure Andrew would have stuck with eating more, I think this issue over faces the client and make them see the bad habit over and over again.

  7. Hmmm, well ok. Sorry for talking jargon. I took you to be a practitioner. Submodalities are a stream of NLP which give more specific details about the modalities of sight, sound and feeling. It’s just a means to get more specific about the details of a particular modality and it turns out that some of the submodalities can have a strong affect on the representation. Size happens to be a common one for many people.

  8. that kind of depends on whether or not you have a “size driver modality”? Dude, pardon my ignorance, I have no idea what you just said. Again, I like the fact that Andy kept it simple. I have heard many speak about NLP, including Bandler and Grinder. Never before have I heard of ‘size driver sub modality’. Are you giving constructive criticism or just talking shite?

  9. “I wonder if the effects will stick…” That kind of depends on whether or not you have a size driver submodality doesn’t it?

  10. I was doing the exercise along with Steve and found myself feeling sick in the pit of my stomach. I also visualized myself throwing up a mass of food. Very messy and disgusting. I just wonder whether the effects of the association with sickness will stick for me. Very impressive though. I like the fact that Andy kept it simple.

  11. Nice work Andy.

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