No Love Party 2007…
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01. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. boring video of a boring “ride”


  3. poseurs

  4. Since when is building bikes a community service? You build bikes to ride and if you’re good at it you make some money from it. Bet you have a “fuck the factory” sticker too? Did the factory screw you too? If your business is building bikes and someone wants a bike painted like a jet ski, you build it so you can eat and pay the bills. Why is that selling out?

  5. fucking awesome, i hear the rumble hahaha

  6. if you think crotch rockets are for girls then you’ve never been on one.don’t judge it till you’ve done it

  7. Jesse has street bikes…

  8. ha ha the one crotchrocket

  9. Exactly what I was thinking.
    Well put.

  10. West Coast from the heart not the accountant,always was,always will be.Jesse you rock and your “old lady” puts a helluva movie out,respects always.

  11. Orange County sucks,they don’t stand behind there work,any building or expansions they do the sub the work out to companies out of state,and they are in it for just the money,they could give a rats ass about there community or there customers,they just want your 20 to 50 k for a piece of shit that can’t do a two hundred mile sunday run unless you have a tow truck following…………………..period………………………Chop Shop EXtrordanaire,THEY SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Spoken like a true “non” rider.

  13. i was thinking the same thing…. thats i would have felt on my bike

  14. holly choppa…

  15. anybody know the song that used to play on WCC’s home page?

  16. That guy on the yellow ricer must of felt awfuly out of place. Preety nutsy of him to ride judging that every person that rides a rice rocket where i live is a girl.

  17. THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!!! orange county choppers makes some nice bikes but not as agressive, bad ass bikes like west coast choppers!! WCC IS definetly america’s best custom bike builder!!! NO ONE DOES IT LIKE JESSE JAMES!!

  18. so the guy has a duck and a cfl? you’re kidding, right?

  19. He’s on his DUCATI. Couldn’t ride his CFL with the broken Femur he had at the time.

  20. ohhhh

  21. i don’t, just guessing. i ride a crotch rocket, and i don’t think i’d have the balls to do that.

  22. he must be! I think that was the only crotch rocket in the whole bunch! How do you know him?

  23. the yellow sports bike in the middle, that guy is awesome. balls the size of watermelons.

  24. No one does it like the WEST COAST DOES IT”

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