Obsessive Thoughts And Negative Thoughts

www.justbewell.com It is possible to overcome negative thoughts, to stop negative thoughts and gain control of your imagination by using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. This can often be achieved by visiting an experienced NLP/hypnotherapy practitioner, and it can often be sorted quite quickly. Additionally, certain hypnosis and NLP recordings may help you to retrain your thinking so that you can learn to retrain your thoughts for good.

28. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @BAMBAdebbie nlp hahaha thx.)

  2. @Nadeemfsd12
    No Problem
    Glad you like it


  3. @esraretin
    Hi I’m not a Psychiatrist I’m an NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist , perhaps look up NLP in your own language as you may find it helpful
    Best Wishes

  4. @purpleshamrock17
    Hi My recording ‘stop worrying and create a wonderful life’ would help you a lot especially with your studies and concentration as it has a bit on there about a quantum learning machine. you can get it from the just be well website Best Wishes Debbie Williams

  5. oh gosh that was so helpful, thank you! im a university student and this year (my third year) has been particarly stressful and i’ve been a lot of obessessive/irrational thoughts of things that i would never, ever do. I know it’s just my brain responding to the stress but I just worry abou them and i’ve been a big worrier for most of my life. Anyway, thank you again for the reassurance and tips.

  6. re u Psychiatrist?
    my Psychiatrist said i have thinking disorder but i can not be sure this is true or not.how can i understand it? btw english is not my first language.

  7. So thanks ..for uploading this..!

  8. I actually made a short film about the “little voice in your head”
    View it on my channel, its called “My Worst Enemy” 🙂

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